Hi, Ola, Ciao, Salaam, G;day, Aloha!

Hey Folks, just joined and now onto the introductions. :smile:

I'm Vix, in my head I'm in my late 20's and trim, in reality I'm middle aged and overweight. :smiley:

Recently I've had a number of "light bulb" moments where I realised just how much I've stopped caring about myself, how I've let myself go and how unkind I've been to myself.

There's lots of "myself" in the last sentence, which makes me think how self-focussed that sounds, but I think that has been part of the problem. The ingrained idea that considering yourself and looking after yourself is somehow selfish.

I know this journey is going to involve reprogramming many aspects of my life, which no doubt will be really hard at times and may even involve me salivating at several cake shop windows...but who says change was easy, or Windex free!

I'm really looking forward to everything that is to come, especially connecting with fellow MFP peeps.

I hope you're all having a great day and hitting all of your goals.



  • TinaLeigh67
    TinaLeigh67 Posts: 669 Member
    Oh my, wouldn't it be nice to be the person in our head? :D Welcome and best of luck. I have found that by incorporating the forums, I have done better than when I didn't. You sound like you have the right attitude and determination.
  • staylitlove
    staylitlove Posts: 13 Member
    Welcome! Lets hit our goals together weeee!
  • Viking_Dad
    Viking_Dad Posts: 185 Member
    Sometimes I think the same thing...

    All my joints:
  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 5,004 Member
    I would suggest 'reprogramming' yourself in phases, don't try to tackle everything at once!

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time 🙂
  • mische85
    mische85 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello 🤗 I've just joined too and hoping with the motivation from others it will help me on my journey. Good luck everyone 😊
  • MaggieGirl135
    MaggieGirl135 Posts: 773 Member
    I also am in my 20’s, at least when I pop in my ‘80’s band CD’s when driving my car. I feel your pain.
  • pheonix34
    pheonix34 Posts: 3 Member
    Thanks everyone, nice to hear from you all....although if I'm really honest took me a bit of rummaging to see that there were replies. :smiley:

    Today was good. Had a chuckle when I caught myself trying to catch the last few strands of spaghetti out the pan. The mini me sitting on my shoulder was shouting "if it's in the food diary it's going in my your belly". :0