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Hello everyone, I have been procrastinating on being healthy because of my very busy work, my body fails me extremely sometimes, ho we can one keep fit with no time for oneself?


  • staylitlove
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    Hi! Welcome! Well you need to make yourself a priority, schedule in everything if your busy. Start small, like 10min meditation in the morning/before bed. Or 10m walking after/before work. Or on a break at work do a short yoga routine. That's what I do! Small improvements make big effects on your life, and then you grow from there once you can incorporate those small actions.
  • projectgethuge85
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    I think it's all about priorities and fitting it in. We are all allotted the same amount of hours each day yet some of us with busy schedules still manage to fit it in. Sometimes it involves sacrificing time in other areas or just getting creative while you are busy to fit in activity as well.
  • slabrey85
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    Having been a health procrastinator, I started taking away my own excuses. Its a lot harder to argue against a 30-sec plank or a small set of modified push-ups during a tv episode or break from work than it is a full 30-60 min workout.