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  • I think RI30 is my favourite JM dvd. I find the workouts go faster than the other ones. I've just started week 1 again a few days ago and hope to stick to the full 30days! not looking forward to the duck walk again.. haha
  • I do 10hr shifts and always do my workouts as soon as i get home from work. I've tried working out in the morning but I just dont have the energy to get through the workout. If i don't manage to workout during all my working days i make sure I do it on my days off.
  • I'm actually enjoying level 3 - even though it absolutely KILLS my quads and triceps!! the duck walk and that side-one-armed-pushup thing are killers!
  • have any of you tried Level 2 yet?! I just did and ohmygod - the planks just about killed me! The rest was pretty good, but definitely more intense than L1!
  • Day 3 done! Got annoyed at Jilian during the last set of static lunges where she says "couple more" when she actually means about 6 more, ugh!!
  • Day 2 done! I'm with everyone else - HATE those side lunges with the arm raises!! My arms just won't raise the weights for the full set, I have alternate about half way through :( i think a side goal for me is to get through those side lunges properly - if i can do that I can do anything lol Great work everyone!
  • Hi everyone, I've just joined as I started the 30DS yesterday. I've done it so many times and never really completed that whole 30days as I get bored, but I'm hoping to stick to it this time!! height: 5'9 SW: 172lbs CW: 166lbs GW: 152lbs
  • Fallen behind a little bit but I'm back on track now with week 6 day 1 done and dusted!
  • Week 5 is complete!! The run felt great. I psyched myself up mentally, made a great 30minute playlist of songs to focus on and just ran. I'm a little behind but oh well, bring on week 6!! An easy equation to find your maximum heart rate is 220 - your age. I checked your age on your profile so your max HR should be around…
  • Week 5 day 2 completed today! I think the longer runs are starting to agree with me. When I run on the treadmill I always put a towel over the timer because I find looking at the clock really distracting. I only look at the clock when I'm starting to feel tired or think I'm close to the end. During both 8min runs I only…
  • Week 5 Day 1 complete. I really thought I'd struggle in the last 5minute run but I actually breezed through it. So happy right now! Pete - can't believe you're continuing these runs whilst on vacation - thats dedication! great job :) chrissilini - well done on taking your run outside! I don't think I'll be able to do that…
  • i finished Week 4 today, and looking forward to seeing how I survive Week 5 - should be interesting!! Good luck everyone!! I wear a HRM and when I notice my HR increasing I just try to concentrate on taking slow deep breaths instead of panting like a crazy person haha. I tend to walk 6.5-7km/h and run at 8km/h. Sometimes…
  • Same!! I felt pretty good during Day 1 but Day 2 was TOUGH! I was dreading the last 5minutes and was close to stopping but i didn't want to disappoint myself so I pushed on. Fingers crossed Day 3 is better.
  • Just completed Week 4 Day 1. The first 5minute run was easy, but as expected the last 5min run had me watching the clock hoping for it to end! I got through it, but I'm hoping Day 2 will be easier!
  • Oooh, looking forward to trying out the 5min runs! Especially the last one, I tend to get tired towards the end of the workout so it'll be interesting to see if I can last the 5mins. I finished Week3 today so will be starting with this hopefully tomorrow :-)
  • I just finished Day 1 of Week 3 and I feel great! I added another 3minute run, I was sort of getting in the groove of it and didn't want to stop! Looking forward to Day 2 :)
  • Completed Week2 yesterday. Keen to get started on Week 3 now!
  • this is how I run. I think I learnt this from running barefoot on the treadmill and not wanting to hurt my feet by landing heavily on my heels. Don't really know if this is proper form but I'm used to it and it works for me. I try to keep my shoulders relaxed, I find that if I tense up after a while I get a really sore…
  • On my C25K-off days I still go on the treadmill and do a walk-jog combination. I also do a Jillian Michael's workout dvd for 30-40mins each day.
  • Finished day 2 and feeling great!
  • Hi everyone, I'd love to be apart of this group. I actually decided to do the C25K this week and then stumbled upon this group! I've been able to run 20mins at my fittest and would love to get back up to that and even improve! I'm gonna add myself to the spreadsheet if that's okay :-)
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  • I've been slacking a bit too - I'm blaming the TOM! I finished Week 2 Day 4 yesterday and will hopefully do Day 5 tomorrow! I also didn't weigh in or measure this Saturday, I don't think anythings changed for the better so I might wait another week.
  • Aww what don't you like about it? I admit I'm getting annoyed by Jillian, especially when she asks towards the end if we want to get uncomfortable and B says no and she's like,"did you say no!?! blah blah" i dunno, it just grates at me lol I'm up to day 3 of week 2 Level 1 and still enjoying it. Kinda scared to see what's…
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  • I used to wax and never really found it that painful (unless it was in a sensitive area!). I hated the epilator, I found that more painful than waxing! I prefer IPL though. I had it about 5 years ago on my legs and now I just have to shave maybe once or twice a fortnight for some stray hairs that grow back. It may be…
  • ^ Great job!! Here are mines: Weight: 158.5lbs (-0.8) Neck: 13in (0) Upper Arms: 22in (0) Bust: 35.5in (-0.5) Ribs: 31in (-0.5) Waist: 28.75in (-0.25) Belly button: 34in (0) Hips: 39.25in (-0.75) Thighs: 46.5in (0.5) Calves: 30.5in (0) Can't complain about that!
  • I just finished Week 1 Day 6! I usually workout in the afternoon/evening but decided to do it this morning and I thought I was going to die!! I'm definitely NOT a morning person!! Oh and I just weighed myself and I'm down 0.8lbs! Even though it looks like a tiny loss I am stoked because I haven't seen a loss on the scales…
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  • I'm a clinical nurse in the operating theatre. I gained a bit of weight on my first few years. Having to scrub for long cases kind of makes it hard to eat properly. I usually have to eat something quickly before the case starts so I don't faint from standing for hours at a time. Sometimes I'm scrubbed for 6-8hrs! Strangely…
  • I'm really enjoying it! I know what you mean about the pace slowing down, it's kind of good sometimes (like after the burpees lol), but now I tend to do most of the workout with weights in each hand to make it harder. It definitely makes a difference and keeps my heart rate up. I'm averaging around a 400cal burn per…
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  • I measure my ribs just under my boobs, pretty much where the bra strap would sit.
  • I'm loving it! I took Saturday off from Extreme Shed & Shred and decided to do the 6pack dvd instead and holy cow my abs have been sooo sore ever since lol