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  • I may have to check into a different anti inflammatory. I hate feeling "old!" ;) Thanks so much for the info!!!
  • Oh my goodness! I just finished C25K after doing 30DS yesterday and I'm about to die! LOL! My legs are KILLING ME! I'm thankful for a couple of rest days! :)
  • I love this! I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow too! I can't believe W2D3 is almost here! We're sailing, ladies! :)
  • I must admit--I REALLY wish I could do Zumba, but my coordination is severely lacking! I wish I had more time and money to go to the gym and work with a personal trainer, but that's not in my schedule or budget, so I guess I'll stick with what I'm doing! :) Whatever it takes, right?! :) I just know that I MUST exercise to…
  • No wonder you've lost so much weight, girl! You're a busy girl! :)
  • I just bought the DVD yesterday! I'll be doing 30DS opposite my C25K days, and I'me excited to start tomorrow! :) I understand the crazy schedule thing! Luckily the last 2 weeks have gone well for me, but not every week is the same! Good luck!!!
  • I absolutely agree! My grocery bill has actually gone DOWN since my family started eating healthy! We eat less junk and packaged foods and eat "around the store" with dairy, meats, produce, and make a swipe up the grain isle! That's it! We no longer purchase soda-only milk and water, and occasional tea and coffee both of…
  • I love quinoa. I use it in lots of dishes and it's LOADED with nutrients! I often eat it with seasoned steamed veggies on top (sometimes a little cheese too!). I serve it with chicken. I also have been known to eat it with milk and sweetener! It's super yummy and great for you! :) OH--and it's pretty cheap. Whole Foods has…
  • Thanks, Ladies! I definitely won't deny myself anything as I know that is NOT going to get me anywhere in the long run! I wouldn't have felt so bad about eating Chinese if I had planned for it. In fact, it's not even that I ate Chinese at all. The thing that bothers me is my attachment to food. I wish I could be one of…
  • Challenge Starting Weight (11.07.2011): 173 lbs. Last Week’s Weight (11.07.2011): 173 lbs. Current Weight (11.14.2011): 173.5 lbs. Weight Lost this Week: +.5 lbs. Challenge Goal Weight (01.09.2012): 158 lbs. Total Challenge Loss Goal: 15 lbs. Challenge lbs. lost to date: 0.0 lbs. Challenge lbs. left to lose: 15 lbs.…
  • Well, I gained .5 pounds last week which discouraged me for about a day. Now I'm moving on and continuing to work hard because I know eventually my efforts will pay off! :) I just completed W2D1 and I struggled a bit with the last 30 seconds of each running interval, while at the same time when I finished each one I was so…
  • I wish there were some set for spring! We've only got one in our area and it's only a week or so away. I certainly won't be ready! :(
  • This is the first season I've watched ALL episodes and I'm loving it! I'm having a hard time picking a fave. I used to think Ramone was my fave, but yup-he's annoying me too! I don't know, though. He's still encouraging to others (I've always liked that about him). Hmmm.....I'll stick with Ramone for now!
  • You're not burning yourself just because you're starting further in the program! If you do the program everyday without breaking, THEN you may burn yourself out! Rest days are PART of the program! :) I'd be THRILLED to have been able to start further in the program! Unfortunately, Week 1 is still a big deal for me! LOL!
  • I really like the count to 10 idea! I've been running on the treadmill and watching my DVR'd episodes of Rachael Ray! :) I have my iPod (LOVE the app!) hooked into the surround so I know when to do my intervals. Otherwise I like to listen to music. I've got to have something to focus on, though. Here's to no skipping…
  • Awesome, girl! It's definitely doable! I just finished W1D2 and it feels SO good to break a sweat and FEEL like I'm doing something GOOD for myself! Way to go! We're all in this together!
  • I know exactly what you mean! I want to run comfortably! I think weight loss will come easier if we have a better outlook on exercising and do so without being afraid to do so! Does that make sense?!
  • I'm in Iowa! Where the snow has already tried to make an appearance! :)
  • That's the SAME reason I didn't put 18 pounds! :) At least we're honest! ;)
  • I used to think running was a joke! I'm SO looking forward to being a runner! Yup! Me--a short, thick girl is going to be a runner! LOL! I'm so excited to be on this journey with so many in the same boat!
  • Challenge Starting Weight (11.07.2011): 173 lbs. Last Week’s Weight (11.07.2011): 173 lbs. Current Weight (11.07.2011): 173 lbs. Weight Lost this Week: 0.0 lbs. Challenge Goal Weight (01.09.2012): 158 lbs. Total Challenge Loss Goal: 15 lbs. Challenge lbs. lost to date: 0.0 lbs. Challenge lbs. left to lose: 15 lbs.…
  • Works for me! :)
  • Way to go! You are still doing intervals and working towards a goal--join us! :)
  • Day 1 went....well! It wasn't something I COULDN'T do! :) To me, that's good! :)
  • I've struggled with this as well. I have found that when I take junk food (sugar, artificial sugar, anything processed) out of my diet, I am SATISFIED! It's not easy to get started, but products (even "diet" products!) contain additives and such that make us want more! I prefer grapes in the evening. I can pop them in my…
  • I'll be on W1D2 tomorrow--not too far off! Way to make the decision! Can't wait to see the results of this at the end! :)
  • I began W1D1 yesterday and I will be ready for W1D2 tomorrow just like Rebecca! I wish I knew how to make breathing easier while running. When I start thinking about it I get all out of whack! LOL! My goal is to run 30 minutes straight without stopping and I would like to run a 5k in the spring (I'm going to start looking…
  • I cannot tell you how happy I am to have this group! Because of previously failing when it came to sticking with the program, I was hesitant to start up once again. However, knowing that there are others going at it with me THRILLS me!!!! My name is Nikki and I completed W1D1 yesterday and I walked for 30 minutes today.…
  • I've joined, but now I need to figure out how to get to the group! LOL!
  • I LOVE this idea! How do you think we should set it up? Everyone share the goals or not? I LOVE this idea for accountability!