30 Day Shred Next Week - Advice?

Hi All,

I just ordered my 30DS DVD and I should be recieving it within the next week or so. I've only read good things about it and even though I "don't have time" for exercise right now, I'm determined to try this! I figure that an intense 20 minutes should be managable at some point in my day!

Basically, I'm looking for general advice with this program, success stories, anything to keep me focused and not scared to do it! Can you help? Also, has anyone taken longer to do their first run of it? I know that the results won't be as immediate if I don't follow the program specifically, but any loss in inches or pounds would be a huge succes for me! What about changing it into the 45 Day Shred? This would be more attainable for me when working double-shifts (office job during the day and serving job at night 2-3 days per week) when I literally do not have time to work out (and no, I'm not the type to do it during my only 30 minute lunch/meal break of the day, thank you very much!)?

Thanks for the help and if anyone wants to join me as soon as I get it in the mail, I'd be happy to compare measurements and progress!


  • sarahkatara
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    I just finished it and I loved it. I lost about 9 inches and 5 pounds. the inches are what really shocked me. i definitely see a difference. i'm not "shredded" but my ab muscles are a bit more defined and you can feel it working. stick with it (even when you really really hate it, DO IT! EVERY DAY!) and you'll see/feel a difference for sure. I'm about to do her next one, Ripped in 30 :)

    **Sorry, just re-read your post and realized your crazy schedule! a 45-Day version is just fine. i think it's better, honestly. i did it to make myself change habits and get into the routine of making exercise a daily part of my life. your muscles need time to rest.
  • skingszoo
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    First off most people will tell you to not do it 7 days a week. 3-4 is good and add something different on the off days. I am on my week 2 and am on Level 2. I lost 3.2lbs the first week (4.4 if you count that gain I had as well). The day after you start you will be sooo sore. Do the work out. The next day you will be even more sore and wont want to move. Do the work out it will help you feel so much better. It gets better dont give up. I made a group for us that are trying to shred our way through the holidays. Message me i fyou want an invite. Good luck. Dont let level 2 scare you either!!!
  • sjcply
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    Im currently doing 30 ds.... I wasnt to impressed with level 1.....so I bumped up to level 2 and love it! getting ready to move to level 3 this week! It really depends on what you are used to doing. I have done p90x before so this really didnt give me much of a challenge, so I added a 30-40 min run on days I do shred, and that is awesome! I didnt feel there was adequate cardio in it!

    It is a great overall total body workout for ppl in a time crunch.
  • Great choice! I did this months ago and lost 20lbs literally.... I took it on vacation withme to Punta Cana and did it every day, and it took nothing away from my time there. In fact, I think it added to it... energy wise! Great investment... Ive been a fan of Jillian since my purchase of 30 DS. She's no joke butyou get results in 30days... You'll actually begin to see change after 7 if you stick to the program and have a decent diet. Best~
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    i just finished it and it was really fun. i did level 1 for 15 days, level two for 14 and level three for 1. i lost about 5 inches overall and 7 pounds. i tried to do it every day, but if i missed a day i would double up the next. however, i recently listened to a jillian michaels podcast where she said its not intended for you to do it every day, but 3-4 times a week along with other cardio and stuff... so dont beat yourself up if it takes longer than 30 days!
  • MissMarthaGrace
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    Hey there ~ I started 30DS last Monday and have done it 3-4 times. Because I'm of the belief that muscle groups need to "rest" between intense workouts - I've taken the every-other-day approach. And depending on the weather outside or my schedule after work - it may be more than a day in between "shreds". I've been alternating walking & yoga with my "shred" days. I've got about 7 pounds to lose, with hopes of toning up - and though I may not see the results one would see doing 30DS every single day for 30 days ~ I'm positive I'll see results. You're body will tell you too if you need to take a break ~ listen to it.

    Best of luck to you! If you want to compare notes ~ send me a friend request! Would be fun to get your take on it!
  • Ephena
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    If you aren't used to working out do some extra warm ups. Many injures can be prevented if you're properly warmed up and if you're really out practice at exercising you need more than the 2 minutes you get at the beginning of the dvd. Don't be afraid to modify to suit your bodies' needs. Not everybody can (safely) do a jumping jack, I don't care what Jillian says.

    That aside I did day 16 this morning (Level 2, Day 6) and I'm loving it! I feel stronger and healthier. I can see the results in my upper body and stomach. I have several other of Jillian's dvds. Yoga Meltdown (love it!), Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism (will start after 30DS) and No More Trouble Spots (will also be starting after 30DS, to be alternated with BF,BM).

    I really like her way of training and I think she does a great job at NOT seeming like a robot fitness guru who has no idea what unhealthy feels like.
  • meaganh13
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    Thanks so much everyone! I'll be sure to take measurements and will try for every other day, with brisk walking or some other form of activity on the off day - here's to hoping!
  • proudmami1138
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    I'm on day 11 of 30DS. I regularly go to Zumba and Spin 3 times a week each so I do tons of cardio. Needed to start toning so added 30DS. I won't lie level 1 still kicked my butt yesterday and its been 10 days. I am to start level 2 today and I'm scared cause all I hear is how hard it is. But I'm determined to finish these 30 days. Before starting I did take pics of myself and measurements. I don't plan on checking until the 30 days is up. I have been doing it everyday without a break b/c I already workout everyday so I usually do it after whatever cardio I have done for that day. Heard you burn more calories that way too. I agree with the others that you should be able to customize it. I decided to do it everyday cause I wanted to see what the maximum difference I could have in 30 days. Good luck and happy working out. :)
  • I just bought the DVD yesterday! I'll be doing 30DS opposite my C25K days, and I'me excited to start tomorrow! :) I understand the crazy schedule thing! Luckily the last 2 weeks have gone well for me, but not every week is the same! Good luck!!!
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    I've tried to do the 30 day shred three times and it starts off great I love the exercises and that it doesn't take too much time but I struggle with the whole doing it 30 days in a row bit. The last time I tried really hard and managed to do 15 days in a row but then life got in the way I've three kids who all do loads of activities and so football four times a week with them plus i play netball also I just kind of lost the way. I had some great inch loss though and I think if your not too hard in yourself if you do miss a day then it's great. I will try it again but prob not till jan it will be my new year exercise routine to get back to running again. It is a great DVD but also quite hard depending on what your used to doing.
  • tageekly
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    I just finished the 30DS and lost 7 pounds and 12 inches - most people will lose more inches than weight so don't let that disappoint you. My advice would be don't be afraid to modify, there are still some moves I can't do even after finishing it but I still got great results. Definitely if you can, do more of a warm-up than she allows for.

    I also was doing some weight training and cardio at the gym with the program and I think Level 3 was my favorite, although I still hate traveling pushups!