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  • The best way IMO is to make meals that you can portion out each piece of the meal individually... so like, a protein, a starch and a veg. You can just eat more of the veg and less of the starch than say, your husband or whoever needs to be eating more calories. I find that works better than making meals that are all in one…
  • I like to cut up salmon into little cubes, add oil and seasoning, and air fry them like that. They come out so good. Little salmon bites.
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  • You can also do breaded chicken cutlets for a lower calorie version. Just spray it with oil spray. Use it for chicken parm or whatever.
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  • chicken thighs come out sooo good in the air fryer. Recently I marinated mine in chipotle in adobo sauce (plus some oil and more seasoning) and then air fried them... so juicy and yummy. I used that for burrito bowls.
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  • I would just buy a peach flavored syrup and use that. And maybe add some coconut milk. Yum.
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  • I drink a ginger/turmeric tea with honey every day. It's the good earth brand, I love it. I've also been into making a big pot of hibiscus tea, and drinking it iced with a little bit of white grape juice for sweetness. The hibiscus tea blend I buy also has lemongrass and licorice root.
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  • I make a sourdough "pancake" for breakfast (just straight up sourdough starter poured in a hot pan) and 2 eggs. orange juice, coffee, and some shredded carrot salad. I don't know why I feel the need to have so many different things :D
  • No, I like breakfast. I feel it's best to fuel my body with a filling nutritious meal to start my day.
  • stir fry can be a fast meal if you use a bag of frozen veggies. I have a hard time finding a bag that I like because they usually always have weird stuff that I don't like, like water chestnuts LOL. spaghetti is obv very fast. tacos with ground beef. I like to make guacamole and salsa but I'm usually done with those by the…
  • not a food, but aldi's pineapple juice lol. I drink that with a little coconut milk. It's a nice little tropical drink
  • I'm in my 30's and having the same issue. Seems like losing weight was always so much easier when I was younger. I went back and looked at my MFP log from back then (2012ish) and I was eating so much less than I am now. (1500-1600 calories) No wonder I was thin. I don't know, I guess I just get hungrier as I get older??…
  • agreed. I can't stand it.
  • I would say a new workout outfit, shoes, or some type of gear would be a good reward. But that wouldn't work as an ongoing reward, more of just a one time thing. If you want a weekly reward, maybe a massage, pedicure, tanning, or something like that? I don't know, most of that stuff is too expensive for me lol. the reward…
  • beans, and eating plenty of veg and fruits
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  • Less than once a week. Maybe once a month. I like chick-fil-a and culvers for fast food. If we eat out, we usually go somewhere with better quality food though.
  • track nutrition I guess? I don't know how to really answer. I'm trying to lose weight now, and my method is just to stick with my main meals, focus on eating a lot of low-calorie foods like vegetables, and keep my snacking under control/stop grazing throughout the day. I log my food on an inconsistent basis and that is…
  • coconut milk
  • I would say just leave the onions and peppers out if you don't like them. And yeah, onion powder is probably a good option to add some of the flavor back in. you will likely find onion in almost every recipe, it's a staple ingredient. I think the crock pot is a good option for big cuts of meat, like you could do a pot…
  • I don't see anything wrong with white rice, potatoes, ground beef, dairy... I have a teenaged son (along with a husband and 2 younger boys) and basically he is on his own for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and I cook dinner at night for everyone. I just buy the things he likes to eat for lunch/breakfast/snacks etc. and they…
  • B- sourdough pancake and a fried egg. Coffee w/ milk, sugar, and collagen powder L- grain bowl with kale, quinoa, chickpeas, sweet potato, and pickled onion. With a sauce. Also some shredded apple and carrot salad. S- Banana and blueberries D- Chicken and bacon quesadilla with some guacamole and a chocolate chip cookie for…
  • It's a new habit that you have to work on getting into, like any new habits it takes some effort. IMO the key is to make it as easy as possible and build upon it from there. There are meals that you can throw together faster than you could drive to the restaurant and bring it back home. Get a bag of salad mix and a…
  • I have days or meals where I eat something that is more unhealthy (like chick fil a or something) or maybe higher calorie but I don't really consider it a cheat. Maybe that's kind of a foo foo answer but it's the truth. I focus on living a healthy lifestyle with mostly balanced and nutrient rich foods, but I also enjoy…
  • Mostly I just eat fruit because it's low calorie. I keep a box of instant oatmeal packets at work if I want more than that. Sometimes cucumber with cottage cheese and everything bagel seasoning (more of a summer snack)
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  • I try to just eat enough at dinner to keep me full. I am bad about snacking at night while watching TV so I'm trying to just.. not do that. Lately I've just been cutting myself off after dinner and dessert. If I'm actually hungry then yes I will eat something but usually I'm not. You could try having some tea or other no…
  • My coworker did a local one here that is more tailored to getting a lot of protein, and they also had a keto option. She would order a week's worth of meals at once and they were delivered in little plastic meal prep containers. A lot of small gyms have collaborations with these little meal prep companies. She liked it…
  • I'm glad you found a way of eating that works for you but I wish you wouldn't push vegan propaganda. There is nothing unhealthy about consuming red meat or dairy and they don't "clog you up." Your protein and fat are very low, I don't really know what the health consequences of that are, but I would much prefer to have a…
  • I think it sounds like a good way to lower your calories. I think the simple idea of replacing half of your meal with non-starchy veg is a good way to lower your calories while still eating the same volume of food
  • I believe vit D and magnesium go hand in hand so maybe you could try getting more magnesium as well. From a quick google search, foods that are rich in magnesium include dark chocolate, legumes, avocado, nuts and seeds, bananas, leafy greens. I am not a doctor obviously so you know. Maybe you could ask you dr for…
  • On weekends I like to make a breakfast burrito. I cook some frozen shredded potato in a pan, add some chopped bacon (I buy it already cooked from Sams club, in a bag. I'm lazy) spinach, 2 eggs, hot sauce, feta cheese, everything bagel seasoning. Put it in a tortilla. for the work week I do a grain bowl with quinoa, roasted…
  • Start small. I've heard of tacking a new habit onto an existing habit to help it stick. Maybe add in a walk into your morning routine, or after dinner.