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  • Yes it's a chore when I'm cooking a meal to have to measure/weigh/track every little ingredient that goes in and then figure up servings etc. Gets easier with time. Creating commonly eaten meals and recipes helps and makes things easier.
  • Yea I'm trying to use cronometer now and I don't like it lol. It doesn't split the diary out by meal, every food item goes into one big list. I don't like that. I will check out macrofactor.
  • I'll probably switch to cronometer, I think they have a barcode scanner
  • I'll probably switch to cronometer. Got super annoyed when they started playing ads while I was trying to log my food, and taking away barcode scanning is some *kitten*. Bye MFP. I've been using it off and on since 2012!
  • It'll get easier over time :) I found that it was really hard in the beginning but over time I would find things I could cut out, or swap with something else, to get my calories where I wanted them.
  • I always wear comfy clothing when I'm not in the office and don't have anywhere to be other than maybe running an errand, but not pajamas. I wear leggings, sweat shorts, tank tops, hoodies etc. and they need to look good on me and fit me well otherwise I feel like a slob. I used to dress business casual in the office M-Th…
  • yasso fudge brownie frozen yogurt bars 100 cals
  • I didn't vote. Not sure how to vote. I don't use protein supplements that much because I prefer food first. occasionally I will use protein powder if I'm making a smoothie or something like that that doesn't typically have a lot of protein, but generally I just stick to eating meals/snacks that have a decent amount of…
  • I don't know if this has been said but there's a trend going around on tik tok where people are using canned chicken to make pizza crust. Sounds kinda weird to me? I might try it lol. You add an egg and parmesan to the chicken and then smoosh it into a pizza crust shape and bake.
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  • Sorry you're having trouble. It's true what they've all said, eating healthy does NOT = weight loss. I eat pretty darn healthy, mostly home-cooked meals (in my opinion) and I gained like 15, 20 pounds in the last couple years :neutral: I really have to focus on lowering my calories and tracking is the best way I've found.…
  • Registered Dietitians are probably the best source but of course you might not want to spend the money to see one. You could check and see if your work benefits or insurance would cover something like that. I think that might be a good option for you since you have trouble with finding a sustainable way of eating and they…
  • I googled a TDEE calculator, filled it out as best as I could, and then went based off of that number. (subtracting 200-300 to lose weight slowly). I do not track exercise calories. couldn't tell you if 1700 is too high since I don't know anything about you. I have mine set to 1800.
  • I like putting quinoa and roasted sweet potato on my salads... roasted corn is good. If Im' lazy I will just throw chick peas on there, if not I will take the time to make little turkey burgers or meatballs or something to put on there for protein. And I like to do a creamy tahini lemon dressing. Or a vinegar based…
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  • I just aim for a protein goal and don't worry about the other two personally. 125g is my goal but I don't hit it a lot of the time.
  • I don't think it's purpose is weight loss, but more so guidance on how to build a balanced meal. It could result in weight loss depending on your current eating habits I suppose.
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  • No, I don't believe in the set point theory. If that were true, how would you explain why obesity is more common in certain parts of the world? I think it has a lot more to do with lifestyle and what/how we eat. I think we all have a "happy" weight, meaning the weight we can reasonably maintain while still living a life…
  • I just log half a tbsp. I'm not concerned about being precise. Good enough is good enough. I don't think pouring off the oil at the end and weighing it would be accurate either since there will be fat and/or water from the meat left over in the pan as well.
  • You didn't really give any useful information in your post. Are you eating a balanced breakfast and what is your caffeine intake like? When I drink a lot of coffee I usually crash in the afternoon
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  • Realizing that being hungry isn't an emergency :D
  • I know the people here in MFP think counting is the magic bullet for weight loss but it's definitely not for everyone!! It can lead to obsessive and unhealthy behaviors in some people. There are other things you can do to lose weight such as focusing on healthy habits, but I haven't been able to make those things work for…
  • So annoying. Why is it so easy to gain and so hard to lose???
  • I am attempting to grow zucchini vertically this year in a tomato cage lol. I guess we'll see how that goes. I don't love zucchini so I only planted one. I'm also trying out cucumber in a grow bag... they sprouted and are growing so well, much better than the ones I have in the ground. I hope they work out, I am really bad…
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  • I was having a lot of trouble with bunnies, so my husband built a little fence thing to go around my raised beds. They're not very high, so I can still get in there easily, but high enough so the bunnies can't jump in. Little jerks were eating my bean sprouts as soon as they would pop up. And one of my tomato seedlings got…
  • This week (on Sunday) I roasted two whole chickens. We ate that with gravy, mashed potato, broccoli/carrots, and homemade sourdough for two nights, and then used the rest of the meat for quesadillas for two more nights. Family of 5. And I also have salmon teriyaki on the menu this week as well.
  • I want chickens too but I live in a suburban neighborhood and I'm afraid they will annoy the neighbors lol. We hope to be able to move into the country at some point and then I will definitely get chickens
  • I don't know how to answer your poll... I try to lift weights 3x a week and then just walk in addition to that or maybe some cardio at the gym.
  • You need to be using more energy than you're taking in to lose weight, you don't necessarily need ANY exercise to do that. Strength training has many benefits, "burning calories" isnt realy one of them
  • noom is just a fancier version of MFP. I personally think MFP (or other calorie counting app) is the most straight forward but I recognize it's not for everyone :smile: I think it can be really unhealthy (mentally) for a lot of people.