First time struggling to lose weight. How can I change from what worked in the past

I'm at a point right now where I'm the heaviest and least in shape I've ever been. I've always been very active and in shape until 3 years ago when diagnosed with a chronic illness. This has prevented me from being as active and any workouts I have tried my body just shuts down for the next week.

So im at the point where I need help on what to do for weight loss as I'm unable to do what worked for me in the past.

I still eat pretty healthy and am still slightly active as much as my body allows but can't seem to lose fat. Does anybody have any advice or experience on what might help me? Appetite suppressant? Intermittent fasting? Fat burners? Vitamins?


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    Not meaning to sound harsh, but judging from your post title, you’ve lost and gained several times.

    Learning from the past can actually be very effective.

    Don’t forget to include a plan this time. Educate yourself, develops habits you can stick with, and don’t treat a goal weight as an end game. This needs to be something you can stick with far into the future.
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    I developed chronic hip and back pain during the pandemic. I gained 10 lb. I saw four specialists and did PT but still hurt. I cannot run anymore and have to be very careful about how much weight I lift. I still have pain and I take medication. SO. To get back in shape WHILE HAVING PAIN, first I had an extended rest while counting calories just to see what I was already eating. Then I started cutting back calories. After I adjusted, I started with 20 min workouts and made them very specific so I could find out what causes me the most pain. It’s actually cardio. So I only did weight training and made sure not to go too heavy while I test the waters. Now I am testing out 15 min of cardio before weights and am not loving the pain, so dialing back to weights only with calorie counting since that was more successful.
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    Since you can't be as active as you previously were, you're going to have to put a lot more emphasis on your diet. I tend to put on a little weight in the winter when I'm less active and take it off in the spring/summer when I'm more active with little change in diet, but that wouldn't work if I wasn't able to be my normal active self...I would have to put a heavy emphasis on my calorie consumption which is what I did when initially losing weight years ago...but I haven't logged in about a decade so admittedly that would be a difficult adjustment to make, but I would do it if I had to.
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    Calories affect weight

    Food affects your performance, mood, function

    Balance those out
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    Sorry you're having trouble. It's true what they've all said, eating healthy does NOT = weight loss. I eat pretty darn healthy, mostly home-cooked meals (in my opinion) and I gained like 15, 20 pounds in the last couple years :neutral: I really have to focus on lowering my calories and tracking is the best way I've found. At the least, it helps me identify which things I'm eating are the biggest calorie bombs, and then I can find alternatives or eliminate/reduce those things. I don't know what you're doing for exercise, does something low impact like walking have the same effect? I really love walking and it's good for your heart and overall health. Maybe start with that?
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    I just wanted to offer support. I am 42 and at my heaviest weight. I've always been fit but now that I am trying to lose weight I find it is completely different than it was in previous decades. I embrace the change and the challenge of learning what my body is like now. I know that I will reach my goal. I am focused on enjoying this journey of discovery. May you find joy in the process!