FREE Customized Personal Weight Loss Eating Plan! (Not Spam or MLM)

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This is not spam, not selling anything, no outlinks, not a sparkly unicorn. It's also not the quick, easy miracle method you've dreamed of . . . but if you follow it, it will work.

For starters, log what you're eating right now.

First, tweak what you're eating to hit calorie goal. Review your food log every day or two. Notice foods that "cost" too many calories for the tastiness, nutrition or satiation they bring you. Gradually reduce or eliminate those, replacing them with foods you enjoy that better meet your goals.

If you feel weak, fatigued or have other negative health symptoms, gradually increase your calorie goal slightly to find a point where the problems subside.

After 4-6 weeks, adjust your calorie goal based on your actual results to achieve a sensible ongoing weight loss rate. (You'll want to do this every 10-15 pounds down, as you continue).

Next, work on your macros. Daily, strive to eat (just my opinion):

- At least 0.6-0.8g protein per pound of healthy goal weight (approximately equivalent to 0.8-1g per pound of lean body mass). More is fine, within reason.
- At least 0.35-0.45g fat per pound of healthy goal weight, as much of it as possible from healthy sources like olive oil, avocados, nuts, etc. More is fine, within reason.
- An absolute minimum of 5 servings of varied, colorful fruit and veggies. 10 is even better.

Use diary review in the same way to get there, and don't beat yourself up if you fall short sometimes. Stress, guilt, and self-recrimination burn no extra calories.

If a sub-par day happens, think briefly about why in case you can reduce future repeats, then let it go and get back on your healthy track.

If needed, experiment with timing of eating and what you eat (within nutritional goals) to find optimal satiation.

Let carbs fall where they may, unless there's a problem. If your energy seems low, increase carbs to see if that helps. If cravings or hunger persist, experiment with low carb, to see if that helps.

Once you're comfortably hitting calorie and nutritional goals, having good energy levels, and feeling satiated most of the time, work on optimizing practicality, social factors, and general happiness.

Throughout, fit in the occasional treat. Recognize that there are no "bad foods", just bad overall ways of eating.

Throughout, happily let yourself relax your goals occasionally, such as for true celebrations: Your birthday, major celebratory holidays, special family events.

That's a 100% customized, personal, workable, sustainable diet program. ;)


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