I messed up bad and put on 1lb+ of fat per day for two months.

NOT looking for advice, just sharing the experience.

Over the winter seasonal depression struck me at the tail end of it and I went back to old habits.

I put on, literally, 1lb per day and skyrocketed 60lbs of fat (plus muscle loss) in just two months.

Absolutely insane that it's even possible. I had to buy new clothes. I was up 3 pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes going from 36" pants to 42" pants, and a comfortable L shirt to XXL shirts.

Back on the right path again now for a few months, and it still comes off at a normal rate of 1.5ish lbs per week with a big calorie deficit. 2 or so months now and I'm down close to a size 40" pant and size XL shirt. Goes on quick, comes off slow.

Just kinda mind blowing to me, so thought I'd share. If you ever see yourself going back to old habits, stop yourself!


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    ... Just kinda mind blowing to me, so thought I'd share. If you ever see yourself going back to old habits, stop yourself!
    From December to April, I let my guard down and had quite the lightning-fast regain. Pants I took on a one week travel job in February were a little snug when I left and were nowhere NEAR zippering by only the fourth day of road food!
    I believe that for those of us who have been obese, our fat cells are like uninflated balloons just waiting for any opportunity to reinflate. We seem to gain at a MUCH faster rate than a 'normal' weight person eating the same amount.
    Like you, I am back on track now and after a quick initial drop, I am back to slow and steady weight loss.
    Lesson learned!
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    WOW! Where do I begin...so, over the past 6-8 months my eating and weight gain has been severe. Now, as the summer months are upon me, I'm struggling to remain present and involved in activities and outings with friends and family despite my insecurity and frustration with where I have allowed myself to get to! SMDH
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    That's brutal. I'm really sorry for whatever happen to cause this. I hope you're in a good place to move forward now.
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    Xellercin wrote: »
    That's brutal.

    Agreed lol. This is the hands down fastest I've ever gained weight in my life. 60lbs in two months. I was working from home wearing sweat pants..... then suddenly I didn't recognize myself in the mirror and my clothes didn't fit. I literally lost *everything* I worked so hard at in a blink of an eye.

    Winter is rough for me. The winters I survive the seasonal depression I'm usually ripped for the summer, otherwise this is a cycle I fight every year. I've considered moving south to where days are longer. I might really have to.

    Do you have a good therapist to help you manage the SAD?

    I can't imagine the stress of going through that every year. That sounds completely unmanageable.
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    I feel like I’m just coming out of my winter blues and it effing sucks. Every year….

    When I put my weight back on, I saw it coming and just full steamed into it. We are with you!!!! I hope this month is positive. And I wish you no plateau! 🙏🏼 ❤️
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    I guess it's possible to eat an extra 3,500 calories per day; the only way to get a deficit of 3,500 per day would be to eat very little to nothing and work out most of the day. Both seem equally difficult to me.