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  • My friend has PCOS and gained 20 lbs out of nowhere. She started that drug as well but combined it with a very low-carb, but high fiber diet and no gluten or alcohol as per her Dr's instruction. Combined with logging her food and exercising, she has lost the extra weight and the bloat has gone way down. But the…
  • I'm a cancer survivor and my oncology nutritionist says 25-30g per day for women. It helps rid your body of carcinogens (which I didn't know!) and helps with weight loss.
  • I just let myself go a little over my calories on the weekends. It evens out. :)
  • Thank you guys. I definitely don't have an ED or anything, it's just grief based. My roommate is actually an ED psychologist so if I was showing any red flags, I'm sure she'd recognize them! I'm not worried so much about the not eating, it's the resulting eating non-nutritious foods that I'm more worried about. I don't…
  • I would just guess. Look up chocolate cake calories/macros and pick the highest calorie one to be safe.
  • Hi guys.. okay so it's been a month and I'm still having issues with eating. I started seeing a therapist which helps a lot, but my eating habits are not good. I'm averaging around 1000 cal a day instead of my intended 1500. But the real issue is that I'm eating bad things. I'm just not hungry and forget to eat, then I'm…
  • Your face will go down to its natural bone structure. If you naturally have more of a square face/jaw, you won't have as dramatic as a look as that actor does. He has a very narrow face by nature, the excess fat just covered it up. In example, my sister and I have opposite face shapes. She has a very round face and I have…
  • You know when you lean into something - like rest your leg against a desk corner and it leaves an imprint on your skin for a while? That is what waist training does. It's just a temporary indentation that over time can really damage your internal organs. You're better off eating right and just losing the excess fat to get…
  • Thanks guys, I didn't understand this either. Sooo happy I don't have to get rid of bread! Also, I am working my abs, as I mentioned, through working out and lifting heavy and by doing plenty of core exercises, I just have fat on my stomach still.
  • Switch to diet. Problem solved.
  • It sounds like one of those scales wasn't calibrated properly. The important thing isn't the number, it's that you stick to one scale and that the number keeps going down on that one scale.
  • Because I was eating fast food meals (1000+ calories for one meal) and all kinds of desserts AND not weighing tracking my food. It was quite the binge.
  • I always take home leftovers, because restaurant portions are too much food. Then I weigh the leftovers and math out the portion I ate. It's still very estimated, but it at least gives you portions.
  • I think it's more to do with not eating too much at a time than how often you eat.
  • I have always done my calorie counting the same way, measuring out everything, and weighing on a food scale. The spacing was the only different thing, so it's really interesting. I lost my first 10 lbs eating whenever I wanted but then I stalled out and tried this. Just glad it worked!
  • Hey guys. I thought I'd add an update! I've been eating around 300 calories 5+ times a day since I posted this and I started losing both weight and body fat % again! I didn't change my exercise or what I've been eating, just the timing of how I ate it. If you're in a plateau, I definitely suggest trying it!
  • SW: 142 CW: 130 GW: Not sure. More focused on lowering body fat than this number. Probably almost 10 lbs of fat to go. Age: 24 H: 5'8"
  • But I will have to get rid of this fat either way, yes? Can I lose it now (so I look better) and later up my calories and bulk?
  • I'm really small framed! It's more my composition that's the issue. I want to have my abs show through and be less "squishy" overall. There is still a lot of fat on my stomach. I'd like it to be solid. And I'm already 10 lbs down, it just stopped once I hit 130.
  • Measuring cups also can be inaccurate. It's not the cup, it's the label. Nutrition labels can be up to 20% off - which is a lot of calories! I've found that many labels will say something like 3/4 cup of cereal is 32g. But when I actually weigh out 32g, it really is 1/2 cup! Get a scale, weigh everything (even liquids).…
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  • It is pretty much impossible to overeat 24,500 calories over maintenance in one week, which is 7 lbs. I think you're seeing water fluctuation. You cannot gain nor lose 7 lbs of real weight in a week.
  • Sodium and water fluctuations can average 10 lbs! If you were a hardcore athlete, you could weigh at a 20 lb difference before and after your workout due to water loss. I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep on your deficit and the scale will go back down.
  • I love high protein, frozen meals that you can just pop in the microwave. Jimmy Dean's Delite brand are really good - the have like egg sandwiches, breakfast bowls, sausage, etc. and it takes like 90 seconds to heat up and you're good to go! They average about 200-300 calories.
  • This was hilarious. Congrats on your weight loss. I think we should all start saying that wine is our secret and make the office a little bit more fun.
  • I LOVE mexican food. I usually get shrimp fajitas with black beans. I don't eat the tortillas or the rice because I'd rather those calories go to the chips and salsa. And I'll do skinny margaritas!
  • You won't lose enough for it to matter much. A couple lbs doesn't really change an entire size for most people. You also could always wear a thicker bra or something to fill in if needed.
  • I've gotten this my whole life, and let me tell you, even though I was thin, my BF% was around 31%! That is overweight. The people that generally say this are out of shape themselves and it makes them feel better to tell themselves that you are "sick" and THEY are really the ideal. It's the same thing when average-sized…