Lost 135lbs with diet and exercise! PICS! If I can do this, YOU CAN do this!!! Thanks myfitnesspal!



  • 111grace
    111grace Posts: 382 Member
    Wow Wow so Inspiring, love your comments, on this page :) Congrats, well done :)
  • shabette
    shabette Posts: 27 Member
    You've done so well and look amazing, im really going to push myself now after reading this and do more excercise aswell as the healthy eating, youve proven it can be done, keep up your good work and thanks for the motivational post
  • GENOVE81
    GENOVE81 Posts: 2 Member
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    @shabette GET IT GIRL!!! Thank you for the kind comment, so thankful my story helped you!!
  • Rocky791
    Rocky791 Posts: 52 Member
    Your story is very inspiring, thanks so much for sharing! Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel like it's too late to change. Thanks again for reminding me it can be done.
  • bethhurd
    bethhurd Posts: 1 Member
    I have restarted my journey. Long story behind the restart. I weighed 305 when I started and losted 50 pounds. I get really frustrated when I plateau out. However, I know I just have to push through, sometimes that's hard to do. I am determined to do this to get healthy not just for myself but for my grandchildren.

  • MsNeumann
    MsNeumann Posts: 75 Member
    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing. Your story is truly inspiring.
  • clarabell65
    clarabell65 Posts: 4 Member
    I want to do as good as you , that is so great and I know you feel soo good , love your motivation
  • reeves45
    reeves45 Posts: 55 Member
    Thx for sharing. I found your story honest and inspiring. Thx.
  • onurd
    onurd Posts: 18 Member
    Amazing job! You have truly inspired me. Thank you for that:)
  • happyhomemaker88
    happyhomemaker88 Posts: 9 Member
    Amazing success!! Thanks for sharing.
  • holly55555
    holly55555 Posts: 307 Member
    You look like a totally different person! Congratulations!

    ^^^ Great job!
  • d08t
    d08t Posts: 43 Member
  • Xo_c_e_b_xo
    Xo_c_e_b_xo Posts: 70 Member
    You look amazing !!
  • dembly
    dembly Posts: 16 Member
    Fantastic and your starting point is far too relatable... I have 18 months until my brother's wedding... this is such a boost to think it can be done! !
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    Thank you all so much! :)
  • tampico65
    tampico65 Posts: 10 Member
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story. I had a bad yesterday eating way way to much but I guess this is a journey and a healthier way of life. So I needed this push to get out and exercise and to renew my commitment to a healthier me. Than you for sharing g your story :smiley: smile:
  • Kalikel
    Kalikel Posts: 9,626 Member
    Congratulations. Well done!

    I know that feeling of admitting how fat you used to be. When I tell people I'm dieting, they ask how much I want to lose, what I'm doing and how much I've lost so far. It so embarrassing to tell them how much I've lost. I've considered lying, lol.

    What is the deal with the tire?
  • marirey82
    marirey82 Posts: 14 Member
    You look amazing and I am trying to get a start on my journey as well. Did you use anything like shakeology, advocare etc. Or the good way of just exercise and diet? Thank you.
  • k4tie82
    k4tie82 Posts: 315 Member
    @Kalikel The tire is part of strength training that I do at the gym. It took me a long time to be able to flip that 525lb tire! :) Pretty cool to finally do it!
    @marirey82 I am proud to say I took the good way of JUST diet and exercise!!! :) I lot of work but worth every single second!!
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