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  • I gained. Our college athlete came home and I'm doing way too much home cooking. And I tend to eat my feelings. I've been working out a ton, but apparently eating even more :(
  • I'm sorry to hear about your brother. Cancer really does suck. How he reacts/what upsets his stomach may depend on what kind of cancer he has and what form of treatment he takes. My dad is on his 3rd type of cancer since his original diagnosis almost exactly 4 years ago. Small-cell lung cancer was the first, and then they…
  • Is your trainer a registered dietitian? If not, then I would be skeptical... Have you plugged your numbers into mfp to see what it recommends for calories? Keep in mind that you probably have less than 20 lbs to lose so you probably don't want to choose 2 lbs per week as it won't be sustainable.
  • Go to a bra fitter--your body is different from everyone else's and their favorites may not work for you.
  • I work in pharmaceutical research... If only that were true...
  • In addition to warm baths (w/ or w/o Epsom), NSAIDs and drink lots of water.
  • My RHR is in the low 50's according to my Garmin, and my BMI is ~23 right now. I'm pretty active--10-12K steps per day including exercise. The number that is not on point is my blood pressure--it's borderline high, but I contend it's because they use the stupid automated machine that squeezes my arm so tight it hurts and…
  • Probably water weight. Were you hungry at all? Did you calculate how many calories you ate? If it didn't seem excessively low then I would suggest giving it another week or two to see what the sustained loss is.
  • Shoveling snow (or even walking behind/maneuvering the snowblower) is a pretty good workout.
  • I don't think they really taste like much, but for me it comes down to a texture issue I don't think they really taste like much, but for me it comes down to a texture issue--they become a little slimy when they absorb fluid. I can tolerate tapioca but not chia.
  • Obviously, never swim alone. I chose a fall tri for my first so that I could practice in warm lake water. In a bigger, all-sports lake, it's helpful to have someone on a waverunner to take you out and drop you and you can swim back to shore with them escorting you (preventing you from getting hit by other craft). Getting…
  • My words of wisdom: do way more open water swimming than you think you will ever need. Practice with a tri group if necessary to experience people swimming over you and crowding you. Swimming in your own lane in a clean, clear pool will NEVER get you ready for the feeding frenzy of a tri swim.
  • I would suggest using a weight trending app like TrendWeight or Happy Scale--that way you can see that sometimes, even if your weight stays the same from day-to-day or week-to-week, at least the trend is in the right direction. Statistics for the win!
  • Congrats! I'm right behind you at 1434!
  • 32F here. I like Panache, Brooks (used to be Moving Comfort) and Anita. Title Nine catalog also has a good selection with ratings on how bombproof they are. If you've never been, I would highly suggest getting a professional fitting to make sure you're wearing the correct size--seriously life-changing.
  • My son is 5'10" and 160 lbs... He has a visible 8 pack (though not over-developed) and at his physical (a sports physical!) the doctor mentioned that he was over the average weight for his height. SMH.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT start a cut with less than a month to go to your race--your performance will suffer (been there, done that). Unless you don't care about your performance. By all means, scale back on the calories a bit, but don't try to lose those extra 7 pounds between now and then. I'm a month out from my next…
  • Or minimally that the noise of the treadmills is loud enough to mask it.
  • Body Glide is good, but I am a huge fan of the Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel--it's dimethicone, non-greasy, non-staining, fragrance-free, and it goes on smoother than Body Glide. I use the Monistat gel on my thighs any time I wear a skirt without hosiery in the summer--not just for working out.
  • I would still suggest seeing a doctor or NP when you can--there are other causes of amenorrhea that could have longer lasting health implications--you'll at least want to rule those out. And since you have no plans for children any time soon--you might want to consider an IUD which can regulate your periods somewhat--there…
  • Hungry Man meals aren't necessarily nutrition disasters, depending on your goal! I have a 19 year old college athlete who needs to take consume 4000 calories per day and doesn't always have time to prepare a home cooked meal (and my cooking habits are on the lighter side). He goes to the grocery store and looks for the…
  • My kiddo had bad eczema when he was a baby, and it was especially bad on his scalp and around his eyebrows. We used to use the Mustela brand products (I think they're called Stelatopia now) for him. Luckily he outgrew the eczema for the most part (but still has sensitive skin). I remember that Tea Tree oil can help as…
  • I do a lot of meal prep and try to eat farm to (freezer to) table as much as possible... However, I do appreciate the convenience of prepackaged meals. Sometimes I just don't like my own cooking--there are recipes that, try as hard as I might, I just can't duplicate. I like that they are already portion-controlled and the…
  • Maybe.
  • I have no personal experience with it, but isn't that the whole principle of convict conditioning?
  • Sleep cycle affects many hormones, some of which regulate body weight and metabolism:
  • Onion Rings. A total guilty pleasure when eating out at a restaurant. Except they wreak havoc on my innards (bloating, cramping). But I still cannot resist them!
  • I think the industrial revolution as a whole has made people fatter.
  • Have you talked to your doctor about it? Hormonal birth control or an IUD may help control your periods. Personally I have a Mirena (they last ~5 years and I'm on my second one)--other than mild spotting in the week after insertion I have had no period symptoms in all of the time that I've had it... YMMV but it's been…