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  • Trying to make a decision to start WW or start back up on Fitness Pal, for which I am already paid up for a year. This weight struggle is real.
  • I came to MFP for after 3 months on WW. Lost very little. Free really wasn't free. I paid for MFP for a year $49 which is much cheaper. I love it for nutrients information as I have HBP
  • Hi, my name is Annice. I'm 70 years old. I have stopped and started many times. But I made up my mind three weeks ago to press forward. I want to get off my HPB medicine and Cholesterol medicine. I need all the encouragement I can get. I look breakfast so any good ideas would be very helpful.
  • Hey Patty. I am 66 years old and need to lose about 60 lbs. I have been getting on and off myfitnesspal for about 5 years. I am going to stay this time. Recently, my daughter gave me a nutribullet and I have been juicing once a day for about two months, which gives me a boost. But fresh veggies are so expensive, and so is…
  • I ordered Chris Powell's book on Carb Cycling. Should be here this week. However I am starting tomorrow. I am starting my high carb day tomorrow and alternate days high carb/low. Will see how this works. I have tried everything.
  • I thought I had joined this group. Don't know what happened. Got a shocker this morning. one 8 0z can of spinach has 720 mg of sodium. :sad: And I enjoy spinach very much. I wonder how much it would be if I rinsed it first. Does anyone have an answer?
  • I use Silk Pure Almond mostly to make smoothies and cereal. I love milk, but I can't drink this. I go for the 1% for drinking and cooking. Silk Pure Almond has 60 calories per cup and has less sugar. Also it last much longer than cow's milk.
  • Absolutely wonderful. No that takes discipline.