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  • i do beach body workouts at the gym.. body pump, combat and cx worx.. i recently started the 2b mindset program.
  • Thanks.. He is on meds and will be under a doctors care soon.. Taking a while to get set up but is doing much better.. Besides meds.. We cut most take out from our diets.
  • He goes to a new doc next month so hopefully he will ask them more about diet suggestions.
  • Thanks. He is on 3 meds.. I just would think someone would give advice on diet.. He is a grown man so I am gonna try not to sweat it.. He doesn't have a horrible diet anyways especially since we been cutting fast food.
  • I had planet fitness briefly and liked the massage bed.. It was like my reward for working out but I didn't care for pf cause I am more into fitness classes. I joined so my boyfriend could go with me. I quickly learned he wouldn't commit to going cause one it's not really his thing even though he says he wants to work out.…
  • My boyfriend hasnt been really supportive.. He takes up my gym time and I let him.. it also has cut into my time to cook so more take out and i gained weight. i am trying to start fresh with the new year but this time involve him. I hope it works better for me with him knowing how serious it can be.. i dont think he sees…
  • I like her videos.. i never did shred. i did ripped in 30.. i have her kick boxing dvd, killer buns and theighs and i forget what else.
  • i did my first home yoga today. gonna try tomorrow too.
  • i am going to try to add yoga.. do it on the weekends.
  • Do as little or as much as you want.. important part is having accurate numbers if your eating calories back.
  • I am shocked no one else is pointing out that you are going to sleep at 830pm and trying to be at work at 2am for a 10 hour day? so at best you get 4 hours of sleep.. Then work a physically demanding job and hit the gym.. I would suggest cutting down on a bit of the workout and or socializing at the gym. I would want to be…
  • hi. I started at 272 pounds. I got to 170 but sadly gained some back so around 200 now. I am struggling with diet now. I enjoy working out. I do well with eating then screw up. So I keep trying. Important part is I am not giving up. Either should you. Hang in there.
  • it really depends on my work schedule.. But mostly between 830 am and 11am.. Any later. More likely to blow it off. Unless it's a night I plan to go right after work.
  • I just left YMCA for a different gym.. YMCA locker rooms were more spaced out and I didn't think twice about using my body spray after my shower.. My new gym seems to have smaller areas so out of respect for others I quit using the body spray.
  • Add me. My kids are 17 and 23 years old.. I don't have a busy time cause of kids anymore. My 17 year old is the only one at home. I am busy cause since August I been working over 50 hours a week and I don't see it letting up soon.. I do pretty good getting to the gym but struggle with time to cook and food prep.
  • Its a group on facebook for women.. i do wonder if we are thinking of different things.. the ideal lean thing i am thinking of sells supplements and does offer some online plans as far as workouts and diets.. i have no knowlege first hand from this.
  • I am sorry you were mistreated. I am struggling a bit myself right now. I lost 100 pounds but slowly gained 30 back.. Right now my goal is just to log my calories. I don't care if I am over.. Just admit the good and bad. Take it a day at a time and make small goals. I hope to start coming being at my calorie goal next…
  • I am part of the facebook page. I have seen some have great results. I don't use their protien cause I couldn't stomach the samples.. I finally found a local brand I like but wish I could learn to like their brand cause I think it's cheaper.
  • My sons 17 years old and size 40.. it does look like he needs to lose weight.. He isomer 6ft tall so not what I consider huge but yeah is too big. But I am lost as what to do for him.. The more I try to control him the more he sneaks junk.
  • I never seen a thing.. I hide food in my bedroom to keep my son out.. i can see him taking a ax to it and not knowing how it broke! haha
  • today, I served myself 2slices of pizza and two bread sticks. I was full after eating half. So I think going forward I will serve myself have and might be easier not to eat more. Worth a try.
  • my hours on the job vary.. So I started a new gym that gave me better options.. I love it when I can go to the gym then right to work.. Or go right from work to the gym.. I just choose on what fits best with my plans. Downside to morning workout is that I can only do a half hour class.
  • Thanks. I meant i stopped tracking my calories sometime ago and gained weight back. Seeing 200 plus on the scale is encouraging me to count calories even though I feel like i am so sick of counting.
  • Do you like dvds for working out?
  • thanks for all the suggestions. I like a grilled tuna with cheese too but not ideal for work. I see few options that could work.
  • She did talk about teaching people to eat healthy. if i ever find time i may talk more in depth in what they offer.. i know no matter what i got to put in the work.. so I got a pretty good routine at the gym down so just got to work more on meal planning and logging.. i am pretty busy so sometimes its a challenge to do it…
  • Thanks for all your helpful tips and reminders. I have a food scale and use it most of the time. I gave up logging calories sometime ago but trying to find my way back. Its such a huge pain sometimes especially when i cook for my family. I dont eat oatmeal anymore. I burned myself out on a lot of foods. I dont get hungry…