Lose 25 in 6 months; 2018 Winter to Summer Challenge Together



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    It’s late but I am also looking for some accountability!! 48 lbs is my ultimate goal and my biggest issue is staying on track with food!
  • sandymm63
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    I’m interested if it’s not too late. Would like to lose about 20 lbs and need some accountability.
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    namaste622 wrote: »
    I am hoping for a few MFP others to join me in this challenge to lose 25 in 2018. I lost over 20 on another site a few years ago and it was the daily checkins by email that seemed to be the trick. We logged EVERYTHING, including water and our exercise and without competing helped to encourage one another to successful and steady goals.

    I have already been logging but the group support is so key: who wants to join me? I am looking for about 7-10 really motivated MFPers. We can start now but the official weigh day is Monday Jan. 1 and Mondays thereafter through summer's start. Only for folks committed and willing to check in by private email - which I will create a group for. We check in, daily, with our food, mood, water and exercise progress. It works, trust me.

    Please check back here if interested and I will give further details outside MFP - to provide both less distraction and maintain our group member's confidentiality.

    I'm ready
  • Pizzagirl50
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    Am I too late to join?
  • l333h
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    I’d like to join!
  • Iknewyouweretrouble
    namaste622 wrote: »
    Hi All and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

    For me, it's Chrismakkah (I celebrate Chanukkah, hubby does Christmas) which means I get to celebrate TWICE (or nine times if you include each night of Chanukkah...!)
    We had a wonderful and unfortunately non MFP-approved meal last evening at a local French bistro. Another reason that this last week of the year seems appropriate to be whittling down my overconsumption and get prepped for next week's start in earnest.

    I want to lose about 25 pounds this next six months which seems completely reasonable given the pace I am setting for myself: about 1 - 1.5 pounds a week. My goals include being a more streamlined ballerina (my teacher says I can go on pointe within the year if I get a bit leaner/stronger and supporting oneself on toes DOES require slimness. I am about 160 now - or after last night's meal anyway-weigh in next Monday will be my moment of truth. At 55 yo, I think being around 140 is my best weight.

    What are some of your own goals, and why, for those of you joining me are here now?
    As my prior experience showed me, knowing one another's goals helps us to motivate one another. It is so supportive to have others to lean on when a goal becomes elusive and another MFP partner helps to remind one why the cake is JUST NOT WORTH (in my case) not dancing on pointe~!
    Basics: Do folks have fitbits? MFP on mobiles to help track? Drink lots of water? Certain dietary restrictions? Goals already achieved or some ones to name OUT LOUD?
    Finally, we can friend one another on this site to get access to each other's daily logging - which is helpful. I am also thinking that we do what I did before - set up a way (group email? MFP communiques? Challenge thread) to check in daily. I know. I know. Sounds a bit much. But the reality is that unless it is daily for everyone on board it tends to fall away as a commitment. Of course, life gets busy and crazy and we have vacations and sick kids and hard work days but, to the extent it is possible, checking in is imperative to this particular challenge.

    I know this works and am so excited to get started with those of you along for the journey until summer. (We can put in a second challenge: maintainence phase for 6 months?) after completing this one if we want. Please let me know the best way for you to find stead here and how you feel about means for keeping check ins current. I will post the way to check in next.

    LF in Colorado, USA

    Basics: Do folks have fitbits? yes
    MFP on mobiles to help track? yes
    Drink lots of water? no
    Certain dietary restrictions? no
    Goals already achieved or some ones to name OUT LOUD? 40lbs
    group email? yes
    MFP communiques? yes (groups)

    message w/details!
  • Iknewyouweretrouble
    I didn’t find the invite in my inbox. I actually found it in my notifications. Maybe you guys can find it there too.
    thanks i got 50 notifications so it got buried!
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    Am I too late to join??? I would LOVE to!
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    Count me in please
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    I'm very interested! Add me and my husband. Zompakto. Our goal is 1 pound a week right now
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    I am interested.
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    I’m interested as well
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    I am also interested in joining.
  • hollypopp10
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    This sounds like a perfect goal to me! May i join? As a former ballet dancer and teacher, i was always lean, but life and kids... and age has caught up with me! I’ve already been working on weight loss, but i could use A support system to keep me motivated. I’m good with watching calories, but the workouts? Not so much!
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    I am interested. Have I missed the cutoff?
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    I'm interested! I actually went to the group before I saw this post and already posted an introduction...I hope that was ok.
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    I am interested, it is too late to join?
  • sammybaylis2014
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    Happy New Year!

    This sounds the exact type of group I have been looking for! Is it too late to join you all?
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    Im in
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    I'll join in! Definitely want to work out