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  • that is just the same as I am fasting at the moment. Had a bit of a search ,did UDDD for 3 weeks, then tried 5:2 due to a family visit away. But vacation is over and 4:3 seems like the way to go at the moment. Doable and still losing and feeling great! Thank you for the friend request, there are so few here.
  • OMG and i dont even know who that is! ;-) need pictures with this post.!
  • Sounds like a good idea.. We alle need to be in the same timezone though. Or at least close enough to have about the same dayroutine. Where are you all at? Europe here.
  • This sounds like a very good idea. I have been on the same weight for more then a month now. i loose a couple of ounce but gain them back the next week and so on. Im going to try this for sure! monday 1200 tuesday 1700 wednesday 1400 tuesday 1200 friday 1400 saterday 1700 sunday 1400 we can at least try
  • Its al in the lights.. Ever went shopping for a bikini or a bathingsuit? I have not done that for years. When i need one, i order it online so i can fit in my own bedroom, without the hidious lights.
  • does the machine account for your weight?
  • Sounds a lot like my fav. pizza. I just use red peppers instead of mushrooms. You bake the garlic, spinach and onions before you put them on the pizza. Best thing ever. AHhhh what am i doing wrong?? Above is the picture of the best pizza ever.. But who can see?
  • I think its true, but i dont have it during that week, but the week before. My breast swell almost a size and i feel bloated. The day my period starts i almost feel the water flow away. Hormones are so good :)
  • I only add it, if its something you dont do every day or every other day. I think those walks count as normal living. But if i have a day of shopping and walk for hours ill logg half the time i went shopping as walking 2 mph.
  • I always count water as water. any other drinks even the decaf or no calorie ones are extra.. I dont count them at all.
  • I am from the Netherlands.. Still too heavy.. but working on it! Would love a couple of friends to help me stay motivated.. and you dont only have to help me.. Ill help you too.. that is what friendship is all about he!