Is that really me in the mirror?

This might seem like a wierd subject to bring up but I wondered if anybody else finds that they never look the same in different shop mirrors. Whenever I try clothes on in shops I don't seem to look the same as I do at home... my legs can look quite hideous in one store and then look 'quite slim' in another!!!! Do you think mirrors are designed to fool us into thinking we are slimmer or fatter than we really are....or am I just being silly here? Please tell me I am not the only one who hates trying clothes on because they don't recognise the woman looking back at them!


  • melkeps
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    Its al in the lights.. Ever went shopping for a bikini or a bathingsuit? I have not done that for years. When i need one, i order it online so i can fit in my own bedroom, without the hidious lights.
  • lulu1962
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    I think the same thing! I avoid trying on clothes at stores unless I absolutely HAVE to buy something right away. Most of the time, I buy on-line, try on things at home & take back whatever looks like "crap" - saves me from getting angry & possibly crying in public!:sad:
  • Thats exactly my point.....I feel so upset when something I like does not fit me and it is a real knock to my self esteem....I am sure they are making clothes smaller too!!!!
  • BerryH
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    Partly it's lighting, but it's a well-known fact that some stores do use mirrors with a slight slimming effect, and others have them angled away from you to give a more flattering reflection. Like the "Facebook angle" :tongue: