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  • I just recently started over too, am determined to stick to it this time! Will add you :)
  • I've just called Mr Rentals so will be getting an exercycle delivered tomorrow to add into my routine, my sister is a nutritionist and also a lecturer of health and fitness so she's helping me with the diet side of things, just a pity she doesn't live in the same city or else she would be getting my *kitten* going to where…
  • Good to hear it's working/worked for everyone, i don't feel like i'm just wasting my time now :) I have just put a pedometer app on my phone so will go try it out now and see how i go, i normally do 40mins to an hour on the treadmill so hopefully over time i will achieve my desired result. I'm doing pretty good with my…
  • That may also be my problem, i can't help but hold onto the handles lol, probably my own fault for setting it to fast to begin with though. I will try it on a slower pace without holding the rails :smile:
  • Yay, i'm so happy it's working for you, it seemed to be good for me for the first couple of weeks but i haven't seemed to lose any weight the last 2 weeks, i have just taken some pics and measurements though to see if i spot a difference in another couple of weeks too. Not sure how many kms i doing at the mo as my…
  • I'm about to do day 2 of level 1 today, yesterday was harder than i thought! Woke up this morning and the top of my thighs and front of my shoulders/arms are killing me, felt like jelly all day yesterday! Had a hard time walking my son to school this morning haha but will solider on through, can't wait to see results!
  • Thanks guys :smile: I just finished my first day, i felt like i was dying but kept going, now my legs and arms feel like jelly but i still feel awesome for actually doing it, bring on tomorrow! :bigsmile:
  • Thanks heaps for the suggestions! Will definitely give them ago, thanks so much :)
  • You can add me, i've just recently got my leg out of a cast so am getting back into it and would be could having someone to chat to. None of my friends are on here :)
  • Just joined this site yesterday, need all the motivation i can get lol, not the biggest fan of exercise but getting there slowly :)