Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

I'm starting level 1 of this today, just wondering if anyone else is doing it/done it, and how well it actually works? :smile:


  • Hi I am onto day 24 Level 3 Day 4 - I love it the scales have not moved but I have definately trimmed down arms, legs, waist etc (prob overall a dress size) I am so so much stronger and yesterday I ran 10 km in just over an hour 1hr 1 min and I am convinced it is because of the strength it has given me, I am a busy part time teacher with 3 little children and I managed to fit it into my day. I say def give it a go and good luck with it!!! (just an after thought - I wish I had taken measurements before starting, but I am moving onto ripped in 30 so will do this before I start that programme)
  • pbair
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    I'm new to MFP, but saw yesterday that there's a group starting up to do the Shred together through the month of November. I just completed my first day today as well. Check out http://www.myfitnesspal.com/groups/home/9356-30-day-shred-challenge.

    I'm looking for people to hold me accountable - please feel free to add me as a friend! :-)
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    I'm on day 2, Level 3. This DVD is really good. I feel really better and more active after 22 days. Thinking about the next steps (Ripped in 30).

    Good Luck!
  • Gennybunny96
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    I did level 1 day 1 today and boy am I going to be sore tomorrow. It is a great workout though and there are tons of people who have started groups and what have you. Good luck.
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    I finished it a couple of weeks ago, it is a great workout, I really didnt lose much but I am close to my goal weight but i did lose inches and diffinately felt stronger. Have fun I am sure you will see some results
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    Thanks guys :smile: I just finished my first day, i felt like i was dying but kept going, now my legs and arms feel like jelly but i still feel awesome for actually doing it, bring on tomorrow! :bigsmile:
  • I'm starting level 1 of this today, just wondering if anyone else is doing it/done it, and how well it actually works? :smile:

    Me to!!!! I'm starting Level 1 today, can't wait for updates :)
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    if you stick with it, you WILL see results. I never saw huge results or anything but i did get some and most of all i seen how much my endurance changed. I lost no weight but did lose inches, which is more important anyway...right... you will be very sore on day 2 -4 and then it will get better.
  • Han987
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    I just did it as well! Day 1, level 1. Can't wait to see results legs feel like they are going to be sore tomorrow
  • Today was Day 2, Level 1 and boy am I sore! Yesterday was hard, but today was a little easier even with sore muscles. Looking forward to the challenge of completing all levels!