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  • You are fantastic at losing and not maintaining. I know macros (carbs below 40%) are critical for me maintaining. Otherwise my weight creeps up. That’s been especially true since the pandemic. I also had to start measuring again because my portion sizes creeped up. Not everything, but enough. Finally, exercising is…
  • Macros are important for me. More than 40% carbs and my weight creeps up.
  • Everyone works differently. When I make specific rules, I get frustrated. I love to eat and have a small bit of ice cream and nuts most days. If I really want to treat myself because it looks great, I do. Just not too often and not too much. I eat lots of good healthy food. And I always hit my weekly goal. That gives me…
  • It doesn't update well (and only does it accurately with a 10 point loss). I always reset manually because not having it accurate really messes up calorie calculations.
  • Congratulations! I've been here a LONG time (8 years?). Still plugging along. Took a 6 month hiatus from logging during the worst of the dark times (I thought I had this down). But logging is a good tool for me. At 62 I weigh what I did in my 30's although less than I have at other points in my life. I DO still fit my…
  • I realized that if I lost a pound a week I could hit my college weight on six months. That seemed doable. And would keep me from getting diabetes like the rest of my family. 12 years later I am the oldest and the only one without it. Best decision ever.
  • It’s been a rough few years. After 12 years maintaining and logging I stopped. And gained. I am back in the saddle again and losing. We can all do this.
  • After you use the calculator, keep weighing yourself and watching your macros. If I keep my carbs under 40% I can eat all my calories and exercise calories. If I go higher than that I'll slowly gain. So I can either watch carbs (I worry about the week not the day) or I can lower calories. Every body is different. They give…
  • I assume that’s net calories? Look at salt intake. How do your ankles look? When I travel on a plane or sit for a long time in car - particularly in air conditioning - I can gain 10 pounds overnight from water retention. It can take weeks to leave even though I am very active. My mom’s odd cure does help. Take a bath and…
  • Just keep logging. Focus on the foods you love and make sure you make room for those in your day. Watch sneak calories like extra butter or bread. Keep it up. Be mindful of what you eat and enjoy your food.
  • I find it easiest to adjust my calories and let my watch and MFP automatically adjust my daily alottment. I know that if I ate what MFP says I should I gain weight. So I tell it I want to lose half a pound a week and I maintain.
  • I always ate healthy. I snacked in smaller portions. I upped my daily exercise.
  • And, oddly have lost 5 pounds since beginning to log. Most must be water but significant nonetheless.
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  • It's feeling good logging again. And all my recipes and foods are still here.
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  • ed losing more weight when I stopped having tea with milk and sugar rather than I take black coffee now.Those 3cups of tea would be around 400calories and without them I'm losing weight much faster than before.Duhhhh [/quote] I am completely confused by this. 6 teaspoons of sugar is 96 calories. Three servings of half and…
  • I dropped drinking glasses of milk, most cheese, and most bread. Took 700 calories out of my day and I didn't miss it.
  • I always hit my calorie goals for the week but vary by the day.
  • I've been doing this forever. I eat whatever I want but in small portions. Thinking about food as 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' is, I think, 'unhealthy'. Even when I was losing I ate a small portion of ice cream every day (1/4 cup). I still do. It tastes good. It's satisfying. I always had chips (measured portions) when I felt…
  • It depends. As people say, count, weigh, watch. Adjust. I am older and can only net (not eat) 1300 to maintain. Some people also log high, some low. Some take a lot for exercise some don’t. So I think you need to watch YOUR log and see how you do. Also analyze your calories. When I was first losing I dropped 700 calories a…
  • Are you having any gall bladder issues? It's very important in digesting fat. Since my husband had his removed, he's had to be very careful to keep a low fat diet. Since you've been so careful, your body may be producing less of what you need to digest fat. Your reaction suggests something your eating is upsetting your…
  • I have used an Apple Watch for years with MFP (used to use a Fitbit). And yes it did change my life. I spent less time in the phone and love the Stand and Breathe reminders.
  • Thank you all. It still feels odd not logging. I’ve actually lost 2 pounds. And I expect to be back at it in November.
  • It must be carbs and water. I have a small bit of ice cream every day with no change. And will eat a bit of cake any time I want it without noticing. But a big carb load always causes me to hold water. I disagree with mom23mangos. I weight myself every day BECAUSE the weight fluctuations drive me crazy. If I only weighed…
  • I am just going to start a new thread. But I logged every single thing I ate for 8 years. I just take a break from logging last week. But I expect I will start again in a month or so.
  • I lost 14 pounds or so during the pandemic. My son has lost 5. My husband’s gained. For me I’m exercising more - which I need for mental health as well s maintenance. Just walking 5 miles a day. My husband walking with me but has been snacking too much. It's changing habits. I eat my meals like clockwork and snack at 4. We…
  • I see to have 3 set points around 15 pounds apart. I'll just sit there pretty stubbornly and then run from one to the other.
  • I eat whatever I like, but not a lot of it. So I never feel deprived? I also eat what I want FIRST. So if I want cake, I eat a small piece, log it, and then eat other things I like. I have ice cream every day, but just 1/4 cup. I pay a lot of attention to what I like and I savor it.
  • I've done that periodically over the last six years. Works for me.