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  • I've done that periodically over the last six years. Works for me.
  • I add my exercise to my day. I walk my dog - total around an hour. l make a real effort to walk at work (which I went to work) - now I walk at lunch instead. Anyway, an hour or more of walking 7 days a week. I actually consciously use it to think and plan as well as relax, so it's not wasted time. I've been maintaining for…
  • I get really hungry if I eat too many carbs but not if I eat things like nuts or protein or high fat like ice cream. I have to watch my portions but if I log my exercise and only look at my net, it seems to work fine. If I'm really honestly hungry, I eat more. Carefully. So I'll be starting and have a quarter cup of Ben &…
  • I picked the weight I was when I graduated from college and came back to after each pregnancy. It's BMI 22. I look good. It works fine for me. I gave myself a 5 pound range around that.
  • I gain weight when my carbs are too high (more than 40%). It doesn't matter how low my calories if it's too many carbs. I did well on Whole 30 (which is like keto) because it was fat. I simply shed pounds on Whole 30. I also gain weight if I don't exercise enough, but you are say you are. Finally, it's really easy to…
  • I also altered a lot of my shirts and learned to take in pants. Skirts are easy to alter. Only did that with the ones I loved.
  • Buy as soon as possible. You look SO much better. Go to Goodwill or another store that's inexpensive. I started with a few pairs of good pants and then bought inexpensive tees at Target. Then I complemented with scarves and other accessories I already owned and built up a wardrobe over a few months. But dump the pants and…
  • I also weigh every morning after I go to the bathroom. My weight goes up and down a little, which is good for me to know. If I weighed once a week I'd worry about small fluctuations. Doing it daily, it's just noise. I look for new highs or new lows.
  • You can do this! I've been maintaining for almost 7 years. I gained 15 pounds (still at BMI 23 - I'm tall) during the last year. For me, walking is key. I have been walking my Covid puppy an hour a day for the last two months and have lost 10 of those pounds. Every single day is a new start. Recommit. You can do it.
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  • My husband stopped snacking. I never particularly snack but have been walking the dog a lot more for exercise (allowed here) and haven't been snacking. We aren't eating out so my lunch calories are down a bit. I've lost 8 pounds.
  • Interesting. We got a new puppy just before the lockdown (yes we had been planning it for a year, it was coincidence) so have been walking 3 miles a day. My husband took the lockdown as a reason to improve his health and FINALLY started logging reliably. He has dropped 20 pounds. I had been having trouble maintaining and…
  • I do it every day because I know I vary around my average weight. I just watch for new lows and new highs. I've done it since I started logging 7 years ago.
  • I am confused about why you need any carbs to maintain. You need calories to maintain (and your net is way low). I completely agree with the person above. See a specialist and follow their advice. Everyone in my family is diabetic or prediabetic except me. It's why I lost weight. I do have to be careful with my carbs…
  • I find something similar and log it. I've been doing it a long time. It evens out.
  • I am feeling very frustrated. I easily lost my Christmas weight. Then mid-February got a huge (7 pound) jump in what was clearly water weight. My rings don't fit and I can see it on my ankles. But the gain is real - my pants are tight. But my FACE and upper body looks better. I'm just sticking to my calorie goals and…
  • That's what I do.
  • It's a food. I log it like food and keep it within my calorie budget. I don't drink that much. The only thing that was a challenge was dark heavy beer. I just stopped drinking those.
  • I find I'm very satisfied with a little. One piece of chocolate. A quarter cup of ice cream. A cookie. Too much and I feel lousy. But I love the taste. I have read that cravings pass in 30 seconds. So I do something else. If I still want it five minutes later I eat it.
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  • I have 1/4 cup of ice cream with nuts every night (150 calories). Or a square of high quality chocolate (35 calories). I like to eat, but I don't need a lot.
  • I've logged for seven years. It rarely affects what I eat because I know my pattern well now. But it keeps me mindful and in line. Studies show most people can lose weight. It's a lot harder to maintain it. I find logging it helps.
  • I gained 5 pounds but recommitted to Whole 30 for this month. No grains makes it easy to hit calorie and macro goals. And I’m exercising again. So I have lost all 5 since January 2 and looking forward to getting back in my zone. It feels good.
  • I look years and years younger. I see my younger self in the mirror.
  • BUT it is a lot harder to stay slim now than it was when I was young.
  • I am similar to you though a little taller. I have been here seven years and don’t feel like I’m dieting at all. I learned to eat the food I love, stop eating when I’m full, and not eat food I don’t care about. I also learned high calories food to be mindful of. When I’m hungry I eat. Doing that I’ve stayed within 10 lbs…
  • I seem to have points my body sits at. I saw it coming down. I see it going up. I can sit at 150, 165, 175. It's hard to maintain under 150. But it was pretty easy for me to maintain 150-155 as long as I was walking every day. Stop walking and I go to 165 and just sit there. Same calories. I'm 5'10" so 150-155 is the…
  • I had a 5 pound zone I set as my goal zone. I'd bounce around every day but stay there. Perfect maintenance would be staying in that zone. I was there 5 years. I am now over that weight, but still consider myself in maintenance because I am logging every day, hitting my goals, watching what I eat, but not actively trying…
  • I hit my weekly goal except for Thanksgiving and Christmas week (typically). I've been logging 6 years. I find I'm not hungry the next day if I'm more than a hundred calories over. So I listen to my body.
  • I weigh every morning after I go to the bathroom and before I eat. I know I'll bounce around within a few pounds. I worry when I bounce higher. If I weighed every week, I'd fret.
  • I think there are weights your body likes. For me, it's 150-155 and 160-165. It's hard for me to maintain in between.