Got sick after eating a normal meal

Hi. I've been on a very strict low fat etc diet for 9 months and have reached goal weight, yay. My problem is every time I try to eat a normal, small size meal, an example is meat, potato and veges. I am nauseous and have the runs for 24 hours. I was on 1000 - 1200 calories a day and have tried to increase to 1400 and so on, till I reach my maintenance food intake. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they get past it.


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    Over the years, I've occasionally eaten a diet for months where I avoided types of foods (but not the amounts you're describing) such as high fat takeout food, candy, etc. -- with a similar reaction when I ate small amounts of that food again. Headaches and nausea. For example, my late husband was very ill for years. His oncologist suggested he follow a macrobiotic diet since it benefits some patients, so to be supportive I went on the diet with him.

    However, again, my issue was the type of food -- which was usually low fat -- not the amount. I got past it by eating small amounts of higher fat food. My body readjusted after getting sick at first.
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    I will definitely try that, thankyou.
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    It’s almost as if I posted this myself as I had this exact struggle last month with the same back story of low caloric intake and low fat. I got brutally ill after trying to eat normal and had a few days I could barely eat anything but I eased into gradually eating higher volume and focused on eating things that I hadn’t been previously but before I ate them, I would eat something my stomach was used to to give it a pre game stretch so to speak. This strategy got me to eating a more balanced diet and allowed me to average around 2100 calories this week.

    hopefully this helps and best of luck to you only good things can come from here
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    Are you having any gall bladder issues? It's very important in digesting fat. Since my husband had his removed, he's had to be very careful to keep a low fat diet. Since you've been so careful, your body may be producing less of what you need to digest fat. Your reaction suggests something your eating is upsetting your intestines.

    He has found ox bile supplement very helpful. You might want to investigate that.

    Also, think about whether something else has changed too now that you're adding back in more fat. For example, I dropped out most milk, limited my cheese, and ate almost no bread when I was losing weight. If you had developed a gluten or dairy sensitivity during your diet, you may be reacting to that. My husband also has celiac disease and the runs after even a little bit of gluten was his first symptom (later followed by bloating and then bleeding).

    A careful look at your diary or doing an elimination diet (Whole 30 is essentially an elimination diet) for a few weeks might help you identify the culprit.