You lost weight & have maintained it. Did you focus on healthier foods or just restrict calories????



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    I know exercise is a huge part of maintaining weight loss, but how have you had to change your diet? Do you eat less the same foods or did you focus on eating healthier, more nutritious foods?

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    Yes it's routine and boring but have always been an advocate of moderation in everything. I just make sure I have a diet that is varied and includes a fair share of fresh vegetables and fruits. Moderate portions. But also a fair share of carbs, and a modest number of sugary treats. Eat out (or takeout) one meal a week or so.

    I tracked calories for so long (years) here on FitnessPal during weight loss that I can estimate the calories of any meal without looking anything up or logging. Every once in awhile I will tally the actual calories and it's always 1800 - 2000, and that intake has maintained weight for a couple of years now.
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    Over the time I was losing weight my diet changed (not on a diet...just changed the way I eat) to focus on more of a plant-based way of eating. Now I eat pretty much the way I have for over 7 years which is pretty healthy for about 80% of my meals/snacks. Except for some health reasons, no food is off limits although many are moderated. Still track my food every day because it works; basically second nature now.
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    I always ate healthy. I snacked in smaller portions. I upped my daily exercise.
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    For me, nothing is off limits. It’s about portion control and calorie restriction when necessary. I have come to love many vegetarian meals and eat lots of fruit! Caloric density is a measure I try to use which I learned during my year using Noom. I definitely treat myself WAY less than I used to but don’t remove any food I love just because it’s not “healthy”. I do not exercise obsessively. Walking as many steps as possible each day is my focus.
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    to me these go hand in hand because if i don’t focus on healthy foods, my calorie allotment is used up more quickly each day. so i keep counting calories just upping to maintenance
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    Oh, hey, I am now maintaining it rather than still trying to lose a bit more. That's going well and, yeah, my diet is better than obese, but I'm sitting here eating a chocolate chip cookie today and ate cheese cake yesterday and Arby's Tuesday so I'd say definitely just calories for me.

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    I've been always eating healthy during the day, but evenings - that's another story. I'm a sweets addict and like any other addict have to use my willpower to stay away from them. I can't eat 1 healthy sweet snack in the evening (cakes, cookies, candies) - I will eat them all. So I have to stay away from them completely. But, I have my own snacks that are very satisfying for me - a piece of dark chocolate and a toasted carb balance tortilla every evening. I can have this every evening for month at the time and not get sick of it, but like every addict I go into binging faze once in a while and then, I'm putting on pounds.

    BTW, I keep my intake at 1200 cal - can't have more - I'm very short. Right now I'm coming off my binging, thank G-d, and I feel great and positive.
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    i just eat whatever i want to eat at 1800 range (leaning more on non processed foods) no exercise unless i feel like it. been doing this for yrs, still 111lb 7%bf 5’4’’. dugg burger is amazing btw