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  • Homemade cheese crisps
  • It's a term used to describe the spectrum of deranged metabolic conditions. Some are mild, while others more severe. These conditions either stem from or become root causes to other medical conditions. Some examples include cancer, obesity and organ failure. Examples shown:…
  • Help me understand where the requisite information that either aligns or refutes the points provided by the studies I provided to help answer the question the OP had regarding meal timing?
  • You read it. Have fun.
  • I have no idea what you are talking about.
  • Smoked salmon pinwheel rolls with cream cheese
  • Cheese crisps with guacamole dip or artichoke dip. Tiny Caprese salad skewers (bocconcini cheese ball with basil leaf and cherry tomato drizzled with extra virgin olive oil). Tiny meatballs with mozzarella cheese center.
  • Of course the first article discussed weight loss. Here's what the data showed: After 8 weeks, the 2 Way ANOVA (Time * Diet interaction) showed a decrease in fat mass in TRF compared to ND (p = 0.0448), while fat-free mass, muscle area of the arm and thigh, and maximal strength were maintained in both groups. Obviously,…
  • What "paragraph after that one" are you referring to?
  • From the study: Last observation carried forward analysis showed that IER and CER are equally effective for weight loss: mean (95% confidence interval ) weight change for IER was -6.4 (-7.9 to -4.8) kg vs -5.6 (-6.9 to -4.4) kg for CER (P-value for difference between groups = 0.4). Both groups experienced comparable…
  • Not sure why you responded with "nobody said it didn't work". All I did was respond to your previous concern, that one of the studies was done on resistance trained males. And all I said was I also provided another study on women with different metabolic type...demonstrating effectiveness of IF across various conditions.…
  • Can you provide a reference to back up your statement? You claim that I am misleading. I provided scientific studies. You provided "opinions".
  • When I'm totally stressed out and think I may not have a good night of sleep (I.e. Stressful situation at work bugging me) I soak in a hot bath right before bedtime, with lots of Epsom bath salt (has lots of magnesium). It lowers my blood pressure...sometimes so much it's literally hard to stand up straight, and I just…
  • Instead of collagen, I drink a lot of bone broth (chicken or beef). I make it myself, bones are super cheap from the butcher. Seems to make my skin look that helping with reduced cellulite on my legs (not sure if it's the skin or just less fat).
  • OP asked if there is a difference in meal timing. I answered yes...and gave a couple of intermittent fasting studies demonstrating results. So, you can use whatever food regimen (vegan, vegetarian, DASH, low carb, high protein, etc) in combination with intermittent fasting (which has shown positive results in weight loss).
  • I posted two studies, one of men and the other women, as well as different metabolic performance levels. Demonstrates IF works along a spectrum of types.
  • What part of LCHF includes potatoes and rice?
  • If you are not hungry, don't eat. If you are hungry, eat. Simple.
  • It's typically not possible to eat over the maintenance level in intermittent fasting, given that you stick to foods that do not derange your metabolism and induce insulin resistance (I.e. Typically non-processed foods). For example, I can only eat a certain amount of ribeye steak or salmon within the eating window. I…
  • The effectiveness of intermittent fasting has to do with it's ability to improve insulin sensitivity and reboot metabolism. For example, this is shown in the following study, where those with deranged metabolisms demonstrated greater improvement of weight loss through intermittent fasting:…
  • Does your hotel have a restaurant? Usually, when you are there for an extended stay, the kitchen staff get to know you. A common request from me is a couple of boiled eggs each morning, and small salad, packed up and ready to go to take with me to work. After a couple of's done automatically, and no need to call…
  • The answer to your question is shown in the following study: This study demonstrates how "intermittent fasting", or IF, works. By limiting your "eating window" to a limited time span, you create a "fasting" period for the remainder of the day, which allows your body to go into…
  • Nope. I'm not diabetic. And, I don't know if you are telling the truth. You block all info on your profile. My profile is open can see what I eat and how much weight I lost.
  • The data shows low meal frequency (ie no snacking) lost 5.3 kg in 8 weeks, while the high frequency (snacking) group lost 4.6 kg. so, no snacking lost more weight.
  • Yeah...when will the CICO framework finally die...seriously. Btw...Mel tome? Omg....heaven.
  • Yeah, I heard about it. Can't wait!!!!!!!!! I even get into fights with "sugar pusher" trolls on dietdoctor's site. Geeeeez.
  • Really? Insulinogenic effect qualifies as bro science? For me, snacking induced high insulin levels. I didn't lose weight effectively until I got that under control. I had to cut out the snacking.
  • Not sure why you are providing evidence that is contrary to your arguments. The first article is an epidemiological study, which is used to formulate hypotheses for the next step - and actual study that passes or fails the hypothesis. So, pretty useless for basis of an argument. In fact, this study was so inconclusive, the…
  • Try pork rinds. Better than popcorn IMO.