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  • Hi, I've been off MFP for several months, but I'm back tonight. Maybe we can spark something again in this group. I'm 50 & starting to have symptoms of perimenopause. I'm also someone who eats low carb. I'm not sure how that will affect menopause, if at all. One one hand, very much looking forward to not having periods. On…
  • Still available, if anyone would like it.
  • I do!
  • You may want to read through some of this thread to get an idea of various low carb plans. My target is 20 g of carbs/day, but the reality is more like 30g. My breakfast is usually eggs. Sometimes greek yogurt…
  • The 3rd macro is fat - add more fat. But I also agree with tcunbeliever that you can increase protein. I don't know your specific situation/macro breakdown, but you could go either way.
  • I probably should have put this under the "Recipes" section. I don't see how to delete the post. Can anyone help?
  • Personally, eating low carb hasn't hindered my exercise. I also target 20 net carbs per day. I recently ran a 15k and felt good. 1200 calories seems low. If you're exercising about 200 calories, then your net calories for the day is only 1000. Be careful to properly fuel yourself.
  • LOL this is my cooking all the TIME! I'm the worst. Not cauliflower, and not Reese's, but these aren't bad.
  • LOL! This is what I've heard.
  • I have some shiritaki noodles in my cupboard, but I've been hesitant to try them. But what's the worst that can happen? :D There is a recipe for keto bread that you make in a mug (I use a cereal bowl) in the microwave for 90 seconds. I like the simplicity of this and I've topped it with sauce & mozz for a personal pizza.
  • A couple of years ago I trained with a local running group with a coach. She encouraged running 5x/week, and many of the people in the group were training for half marathons. One thing she stressed was to definitely let your easy runs be easy. Train hard on your hard runs, but take it easy on easy days. It is part of the…
  • How often does this happen? I haven't had hot flashes since starting to eat low carb. I've had 2 before in my life, at random times.
  • I prefer morning workouts, but I too struggle with getting up in the dark & cold before work and getting out the door to exericse. So, more often it is after work.
  • I can't speak for Maureenkhilde, but I am following low carb/high fat way of eating. My target is 20 g carbs/day, but honestly it's usually around 50 g/day. It has helped reduce my daily blood sugar & A1C. Is it difficult? It was a first, but once i found foods that I like that fit the plan it's not a big deal. I received…
  • My first thought was PCOS or Syndrome X. Many women with PCOS, myself included, have no cysts on the ovaries. It is more of a hormone imbalance assortment of symptoms.
  • I've been eating low carb & also running. The lack of carbs doesn't seem to affect my running. However, I do take supplements to keep my electrolytes sufficient.
  • I think that if you had any “woos” before those went away, they’re still subtracted from that points total.
  • Where did you get that info from? It seems like it is wrong.,4276/
  • Go to groups and look for the Keto group or Low Carber Daily Forum. You'll find people. :)
  • I’m in a similar situation. I’m not sure how old my granddad or my mom were when diagnosed with diabetes. I am, like you, avoiding carbs and working to postpone sickness & medications as long as possible. People don’t understand, and I wish work was not so food-oriented. But I stand my ground and just repeat “no thank…
  • I don’t know the answer. I’m hoping my saggy bits will firm up too, but I keep telling myself that even if they don’t, good health, energy & mobility are worth it.
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  • @sandraleez I have both the garmin connect app and the MFP app on my phone. In MFP, if you click on "More" then you can select "Apps & Devices". I have Garmin Connect connected in there. I don't recall how that was accomplished. Do you have Garmin Connect in that section? I'm not sure what you're referring to, @Clairin .…
  • Here are some basic instructions. If I recall correctly, it seems I had to go into Garmin connect to allow the connection, and also go into MyFitnessPal settings to allow the connection the other way. Then it takes a while before they actually sync. I could try…
  • -I follow keto. I first got interested by reading Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. I follow his protocol loosely. -Started around March of this year. ~6 mo. -I plan to continue with the same plan into maintenance. I have found it very helpful for me as far as blood sugar control and also feeling better in general. I was…
  • I guess I'd give both sets of numbers, if your doctor is the type who engages in conversation and would listen to you. The higher number earlier might be related to dawn phenomenon? Even though you're only having coffee, maybe that is enough to reduce the hormones & BG by the time you take your next reading. Just…
  • I got good news today. Fasting BG was 92 this AM, but also my A1C is down to 5.3! I was dx in December with A1C 6.5. Then in May it was down to 5.9. Now it is 5.3. Keto/low carb is working for me. *happy dance*
  • Come join the Keto group, or Low Carber Daily Forum (also under groups) to meet some like-minded people.
  • This is awesome. I didn't know there are roller derby classes! It looks like fun. I went to a couple of matches(?) when I lived in Johnstown PA. I'm not sure if there is roller derby where I live now. Good for you for trying it out and for getting on MFP.
  • If you don't take care of yourself when you're younger, things start going south fast in middle age. I'm 47, and I thought I was doing moderately well at taking care of myself, but I need to do better. Hence, I'm here on MFP now. I know people in their 70s and 80s. Some of them are quite healthy and vibrant, others are…
  • I like to shop the clearance sections of Sierra trading post and REI online. Sometimes I look at Dicks, Target, or TJ Maxx. But STP and REI have good quality gear at discount prices. I’m not usually very pleased with the quality or durability of Target clothing.