Can't find a"why"! Help!

Okay so I'm not a newbie at diets... I've moved in and out of a healthy weight range for years. I had 4 kids in 6 years, and my youngest is now 3, I'm heavier now than I've ever been... I always kept my pregnancy weight gain low but never did as well with nursing weight gain, and gained about 10 lbs with every baby, and now I'm 40 lbs overweight 😣

Here's the thing... My life is full. I'm really happy and enjoying most of what's happening in this season right now. The only way I can stick to something long-term is when I have a goal in mind that's truly motivating. I'd like to lose the weight, but it's not bothering me bad enough to keep at it. I need to find something that I can keep coming back to that I can focus on achieving for reasons that motivate me.

I know the standard go-to's... Feel better, look better, be healthier for you and the kids, clothes fit better, sleep better, longer life, etc... None of these things are really A big motivator for some reason. I sleep well, my blood pressure and overall health are great, I just had a physical and no red flags.

Any unorthodox "why I do this" ideas people could share that really helped them stick with it? I know I need to for all the reasons above, but on a day to day basis I'm having a hard time making it a priority in my life.



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    Think also of where you'll be in a few years of not doing anything about it. At the end you might end up by factually slightly yo-yo-ing, but that might be almost like maintaining (if it's by only a few lbs). Or you might let weight slowly creep on. A bit of maths will show you where you might get if you're not actively doing something about it.
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    Some issues have an accumulative affect with aging, like bad knees.
    I agree with chelny, but from a perspective of 67. When you get older, if you’re healthy, your body will thank you. Bonus you will be able to do things with your grandchildren. Unlike so many unforeseen occurrences, weight is something we can do something about to lessen risks from being overweight.
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    Yea Annie! You go girl!
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    Unorthodox whys for motivation to try to lose weight - how about DON'T TRY! This is my humble opion. To lose weight you have to want to lose weight more than you want other things such as food, tv, etc. There are times when some other things are more important than losing weight.

    I'm not seriously saying you shouldn't make lifestyle choices to give yourself a better chance of losing weight. Do the simple things, walk instead of drive, take the stairs not escalators, choose better options when eating, weigh the portions (we seriously over fed our children without realising). Don't make losing weight a priority but make it a result of other changes that fit with things that matter to you right now. Play actively with your children instead of sitting down watching them, just move more than you currently do.

    If you try to make losing weight fit in a lifestyle where it won't fit the chances are you will get fed up quickly and go the other way.

    When the time is right and you genuinely put losing weight as a priority you may find you are half way there through a few simple changes.

    Good luck.