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  • Congratulations! (I don't know how to answer your quesitons about postpartum, though.)
  • Where are you located? Looks like a nice path along the river. I used to live right near the Erie Canal in Rochester NY. I miss it.
  • Same thing happened to us. Gas mower not working. I went to Lowe's to get a reel mower for $99! It didn't do a great job, but it was ok in a pinch. It certainly was extra exercise yesterday for me!
  • For me, I pretty much had to give up all grains, like quinoa, flour, rice, pastas, potatoes, etc. in order to keep my carbs low enough. (I don't know the specific difference between LCHF and keto, but I aim for 30 g carbs/day). You could consider how much quinoa is in the serving. If it is 1 cup, maybe only eat 1/2 cup? It…
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  • I bought a cinnamon flavor Nut Pods creamer, which I liked a lot. I guess it was just seasonal, because it is no longer sold in my local grocery. I didn't like the caramel as much. I often make lattes with plain, unsweetened almond milk, because I really don't like plain coffee.
  • From conversations I've had with people at running groups, they will tell you what they do, but everyone is different. How they hydrate may work for them, but not for someone else. It takes trial and error to find what works for you. Especially if your stomach is sensitive to some products. Personally, I am working very…
  • This sounds like the same problem I had last summer. For me, it was a problem of hydration & electrolytes. Trying to drink plain water after the race made me feel sicker & nauseated. Having Gatorade, then a little food, made me feel better. Now instead of Gatorade, I use Nuun tablets or sometimes salt capsules. I also plan…
  • I always used to wish I was taller. One of my sisters is 5’ 10”, but I’m only 5’ 6”. But these days, I accept my body as it is, other than the excess fat I’ve gained the past few years. I’m working to lose that and be healthier. I’m ok with being 5’ 6” and average.
  • When you started this venture, did you get new, good running shoes? That can make a big difference to keeping you ache & pain free. The right shoes can help with stabilizing your ankles & hips, if that is a concern. One rule of thumb is to only increase your running by 10% per week (miles or minutes). Although, it seems…
  • It is optimal to get your fiber from fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, etc. That being said, I'm also eating low carb, so I only have so much of those items. I've been buying dietary fiber powder (psyllium), which you can put in yogurt, beverages, etc. It is tasteless. I find when putting it in my water, it takes a few…
  • My first & only tattoo. Would certainly like more. I don't regret getting this, but my experience with that tattoo artist wasn't the best. I don't think I've ever tried whisky. But I'd be game to try sometime.
  • You can also log your measurements (chest, hip, neck, whatever) and/or save progress pics. Perhaps using those options would be more encouraging to you than weighing weekly. Maybe just weigh yourself monthly? I don’t pay much attention to that end of day message “in 5 weeks...”. It’s assuming every day will be the same.…
  • I seem to recall in Dr. Bernstein's book the Diabetes Solution, he mentioned having a high protein snack before bed to counter-act the dawn phenomenon. However, this site gives some other tips. It may depend upon what in particular is causing your sugar to rise in the morning, how you would address that. Have you discussed…
  • I occasionally have full-fat milk in a small latte (10-12 oz), because I don't like plain coffee. Occasionally, like, really super rarely, I'll have coffee with cream, but that just doesn't taste as good to me. But at home I use almond milk. Unfortunately for me, places like dunkin & starbucks use the sweetened almond…
  • I mainly track total carbs. I figure the fiber is basically a bit of a cushion. As I’m entering each food/meal, I consider the macros. It’s not like I’m surprised at the end of the day. But everyone is different. I wish you well on your endeavor.
  • This may not help you. I realize it’s different. I can tolerate coffee with cream, but prefer lattes. I’ve been making my lattes lately with almond milk (unsweetened, but there are obviously sweetened ones). You could try almond milk. Probably need more of the milk than how much cream you use, but it’s lower calories.
  • That's interesting, and unfortunate. In the reading I've done about keto, I thought eating low amounts of carbs was supposed to help avoid or reduce fatty liver. Yet you say you've been doing keto for a few years. So, I don't know.
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  • I'm not in the UK either, but I buy these sausages with swiss cheese. Only 1 g of carb. Maybe you could google something similar. Or try amazon? I've also seen bratwurst and a beef summer sausage, both had 0 carbs, at the same grocery store.…
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  • I was diagnosed with pcos about 20 years ago. I lost a significant chunk of weight, and my blood tests for various hormones were normal again for years. I never tried for children, so I don’t know about that. I slowly regained the weight over the years, so I’m working on losing it again. But in my experience, losing weight…
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  • And under "Groups" there is one called Keto! I have been doing keto for a few months. It's a good plan for me.
  • Ah, thank you for this. I was just re-adjusting my daily calorie goals as I seem to have plateaued. I'm also reading The Art of Low Carbohydrate Living. I set my carb goal at 25 g per day, and the protein goal at 95 g per day, and that left 104 g of fat per day. Perhaps my protein should even be a little higher, but I…
  • I mostly agree with this. I do sometimes miss a good, crusty bread with butter. Or toast with butter & jam. But most bread is so blah that I don't miss it much. What I miss is the convenience. It's so easy to put 2 slices with lunchmeat, cheese, lettuce in a little container to take to work, and not messy to eat. It just…
  • Ok, point taken about dawn phenomenon. Still, the A1C is an average over a period of time. Testing blood glucose at 1 point in time is not necessarily going to "agree" with the average. She's given us some tests results that were only fasting. We don't know her post-meal test results to consider. I did find this online: If…
  • I haven't been going to the gym lately (it's not my favorite), but I am still tracking my food. I did drag my butt to the gym today after work, so that's something. I'm frustrated because a week ago I weighed in, down about 2 lbs. Today I weighed, back up about 2 lbs. Meh. It's probably hormones or something, but it's…
  • I don't know about the anemia. The A1C test gives an average of your blood glucose over the past 8-12 weeks. Blood glucose test gives your glucose at one point in time. A1C at 5.5 is an average blood glucose of 111. With only looking at the numbers you gave, it does seem like your A1C is low compared to the fasting glucose…
  • I sometimes put meat & fillings wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Occasionally I have Ezekiel bread. Those wraps look interesting though.
  • Welcome :)
  • Welcome. You're right, gotta start somewhere! Even small changes can make a difference.
  • HI! What is the challenge?