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  • Calorie counting is exhausting and for some people who are prone to it, like me, can lead to disordered eating and/or thought patterns once a normal BMI has been achieved. I stumbled on this YT vid recently and realized this woman was describing to a T how I saw food and lived my life around it. I went nearly two years…
  • You'll gain weight. It is just a given. Just take the stairs everywhere. You have no idea how much work a cruise is. I was walking miles a day just on the cruise ship and took who knows how many flights of stairs. I also ate and drank whatever I wanted and I love froo froo calorie bomb alcoholic mixed drinks! I came back…
  • I'd just buy prepared meals from a grocery store deli, if I really had no access to microwave, fridge. Most fast food places have lower calorie options if you look for them.
  • I make fairly low cal pancakes using white whole wheat flour and oat fiber (NOT oat bran!) in a 1:4 or 1:3 ratio. Egg whites instead of eggs, low fat buttermilk, water, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, no sugar. They turn out really fluffy and great with sugar free maple syrup or with berries and whipped Greek yogurt…
  • Not a new product, but I found this on the clearance rack at the grocery store yesterday. I have never had a WF product before and seen very mixed reviews on them. Anyway, for 50% off, I decided to bite the bullet and try it. I was pretty surprised. It wasn't that bad at all. Decent caramel flavor, fairly sweet. I threw…
  • Erythritol, stevia, cellulose.
  • Macadamia. God they are delicious with the calories to prove it! Pecans are my second favorite. Then pistachios, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts...not a big fan of cashews.
  • I think I put the MN state fair on my bucket list just now. I'm also really hungry right now.
  • I'd consider it for fun. Right now though, I don't have time to cook anything. We've been living off of turkey sandwiches/wraps and Terra chips.
  • I'd be paranoid too. Costco sells a Very Similar Product. They had samples of it and it was delicious. I almost bought some but was stopped dead in my tracks when I flipped over the box and saw north of 200 cals for 3 measly ounces. Um no. Definitely would have for a holiday like Fourth of July or Labor Day (and I will…
  • I think I burn more calories per day on vacation than not. I came back from a week long cruise with 10lbs. Within a week of going back to the normal grind, I was down 11lbs. Go figure, despite all the booze and delicious calorie disaster food everywhere, managed to lose a little weight? But then again, I made it a point to…
  • All time favorite is white chocolate raspberry truffle from Haagen-Daaz. Only 48095320 calories a serving, lol.
  • Rarely if I am not on vacation. I'll get a veggie pizza from the Costco food court every other week. Husband and I will eat half one Friday and freeze and eat the other half the next. Sad because I used to make all my own pizzas, but I just haven't had the time lately for that. :/
  • Breakdowns have been done of the 10k calorie challenge. It isn't that you eat 10k calories and you gain automatically 3lbs of pure fat. So my normal TDEE is 2100 cals. Lets say to prepare for the challenge, I eat 500 below that for a week, so 3500 cals in the bank. Then my normal TDEE for the challenge day is 2100 + 1000…
  • My FIL called me out as weird one day for having red beet herring salad for breakfast. "How can you eat fish like that in the morning?! Yick." :D
  • These are my go to.
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  • Fred Meyer has awesome pretzels and pretzel rolls in their bakery. They were in my cart so fast after I read the ingredient list and saw sodium hydroxide! Pricy for baked goods, but worth it, IMO.
  • Veggie pizza from the Costco food court. Take home, put in 500 degree oven on a holed pizza pan for 5 minutes. Sprinkle some red pepper flakes, garlic salt, and arugula on that. SO GOOD.
  • 4-5 back when I was an obese child. I haven't had any desire to eat one in years.
  • I lost my period for nearly a year. I went to the doctor - bloodwork said I needed to be on estrogen. I ignored because I like not having a rag for all the bad things that come with that. Anyway, it comes back anytime I overeat for at least a week, so I got it for the holidays. I don't know what the solution really is. I…
  • Calorie counting and got a job at a place with on on-site gym. Started rowing and running. Before that, I was mostly just walking/hiking for extra activity.
  • It took me about 10-11 months to get from 165 to 128 as a 5'5" thirtysomething F.
  • Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, and Food Network Star. I like Giada, but rarely watch her show. I just get all of her awesome recipes from Her and Bobby Flay, I noticed, cook things with a lot of flavor, with fresh ingredients, and their recipes generally don't require more fat or oil than what is absolutely…
  • It sure isn't intuitive eating. Put me in front of box of Costco bakery cookies and say 'intuitively eat these'. Well, I could probably polish off 10-12 of them before getting full. Then maybe I'd leave them for a few hours, come back peckish, and finish off the rest of the box. Now, each cookie is estimated to be around…
  • This is why I'm a stevia/erythritol girl - .24 cals per gram.
  • For me, none, because my protein requirements are easily covered by my food alone. I love Greek yogurt, chickpeas, chicken, and PB2.
  • Do other people feel they have to do marathon sessions to make up for holiday inactivity and overindulgence? I do, but that's just me and I have the time and the physical capacity to do extended SSC to make up for drinking and drunchies. I'll lose calorie count - don't really care because I know I'll burn it off later.…
  • Apparently arugula. I used to hate the stuff and now I put it on everything.
  • I like false cognates. For example, mist. In English, it is almost romantic description of fog or very light rain. In German, it means manure and you use it the same way you would when you say 'Well crap' in English.