I had cheesecake for breakfast



  • J72FIT
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    Cold, leftover pizza.

    For the win!
  • bigmuneymfp
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    Chocolate bars
  • J72FIT
    J72FIT Posts: 5,932 Member
    My sisters home made pound cake, toasted, with a nice cup of coffee...
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    Cold, leftover pizza.

    I thought this was considered a breakfast food? Maybe my family is just weird, but that was our tradition the day after going out for pizza when I was growing up.
  • Sp1tfire
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    You are living life!!!!!!!

    Non traditional breakfasts?? hmm.. pita breads is probably the most non-traditional I've gotten!
  • Debmal77
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    Pizza, spaghetti and leftover scalloped potatoes fried in bacon fat!
  • cwolfman13
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    Usually my non-traditional breakfasts are just leftovers...more common in the winter, especially when we make green chile stew as it is excellent for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on a cold day. Sometimes I just like to have some salami and cheese. I don't really have a big sweet tooth so my non-traditional breakfasts tend to be of the savory variety.

    My family camps a lot and I usually do some fishing when we're camping...I'm a horrible fisherman, but every once in awhile I luck out...when I do, I love having grilled trout and rice for breakfast.
  • laur357
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    I've never been a breakfast eater, but I would definitely eat leftover Dairy Queen ice cream cake before school the week after my birthday growing up. Best part of waking up!
  • DamieBird
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    J72FIT wrote: »
    My sisters home made pound cake, toasted, with a nice cup of coffee...

    I've never thought about toasting pound cake, but now I definitely need to try that! Do you top it with anything? I'm thinking like, peaches or strawberries, and whipped cream . . . . hmmm . . . . . maybe I just want a pound cake parfait . . . .
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,479 Member
    pizza and whiskey seems to be the thing
  • Birdygirl15
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    Christmas cake, the full rich fruit, marzipan and iced thing, when I was young. And I wonder why I'm the size of a baby whale? :# Used to eat it before Mum was up, no blame to her, except for making the best Christmas cake. That bit was her fault.
  • mlinci
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    Leftover curry makes fantastic breakfast. Yum.
  • CrabNebula
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    My FIL called me out as weird one day for having red beet herring salad for breakfast. "How can you eat fish like that in the morning?! Yick." :D
  • KM0692
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    Awesome! Everyone needs to eat cheesecake for breakfast once in a while! :)