No kitchen

whsekk Posts: 1 Member
Anybody advice for healthy options that don't have to be cooked. I'm in a awkward situation where I can't do a lot of cooking or meal prep.



  • CrabNebula
    CrabNebula Posts: 1,119 Member
    I'd just buy prepared meals from a grocery store deli, if I really had no access to microwave, fridge. Most fast food places have lower calorie options if you look for them.
  • toxikon
    toxikon Posts: 2,384 Member
    Grocery stores have lots of healthy pre-made options - more expensive than making them yourself, but they'll do in a pinch.

    Pre-made salads, rotisserie chickens, etc. Snack on nuts, jerky, popcorn, fruit.
  • TeaBea
    TeaBea Posts: 14,517 Member
    Yogurt, high fiber cereal and chopped nuts

    Cottage cheese & fruit cup. Whole grain crackers & veggies.

    Packaged salad, grilled chicken strips, cheese and/or seeds & dressing.

    Veggie tray, whole grain crackers, hummus.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
    PaulaWallaDingDong Posts: 4,635 Member
    Do you have a fridge/freezer and a microwave? I eat microwaved salmon and sauced veg almost every day. Just throw it all in a tupperware bowl and nuke it until the fish is cooked through.