What is the benefit of protein shakes

If your eating enough protein in your regular diet? Im doing cardio and resistance training 5 days a week. I dont really like protein powder.


  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    If you are getting enough protein without them? None.
  • jemhh
    jemhh Posts: 14,273 Member
    If you have enough protein in your diet already, there's no added benefit. Eat if you want, or don't if you don't.
  • peaceout_aly
    peaceout_aly Posts: 2,018 Member
    If you're getting enough protein without them, then you're fine. They're meant as a supplement for people who can not get enough protein in otherwise.
  • CrabNebula
    CrabNebula Posts: 1,119 Member
    For me, none, because my protein requirements are easily covered by my food alone. I love Greek yogurt, chickpeas, chicken, and PB2.
  • albertabeefy
    albertabeefy Posts: 1,169 Member
    The only benefit I find is it's a very-quick way to prepare and ingest my protein. I can make a shake, drink it, and clean-up all in 2 minutes flat.
  • Cylphin60
    Cylphin60 Posts: 863 Member
    What the others have said.