Foods you could never get tired of eating?



  • tamawamara
    tamawamara Posts: 224 Member
    Nut, all the nuts... and seeds,By themselves or trail mixes...
    Tomatoes, any thing w tomatoes in it I LOVE tomatoes!
    Meat of any kind, and seafood.
    There so many ways to prepare it... Also , Chinese , Mexican , or Italian dishes... etc... I love and am open to trying different international dishes of any kind...
  • JoRocka
    JoRocka Posts: 17,552 Member
    Cheese, eggs, vegetables, chicken, steak. Beer, and wine.
  • CrabNebula
    CrabNebula Posts: 1,119 Member
    Apparently arugula. I used to hate the stuff and now I put it on everything.
  • chastity0921
    chastity0921 Posts: 209 Member
    Cream cheese
    Wholwheat pasta

    I hear about Weetabix all the time, but we don't have them in the US. They look large-- do they break up with milk?
  • janicelo1971
    janicelo1971 Posts: 819 Member
    the elliott pecans have some good nutrition!! RIGHt?? Gosh, family loves hard to eat just one bite!
  • yoderpl
    yoderpl Posts: 7 Member
    Pizza, banana split, washed down with a glass of red wine/diet coke mixed. My post Ironman celebratory meal. But only post IM. :)
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    I hear about Weetabix all the time, but we don't have them in the US. They look large-- do they break up with milk?

    they go mushy in milk. me, i love them just dry but i may be a little bit odd.
  • canadianlbs
    canadianlbs Posts: 5,199 Member
    I love soggy cereal. Soggy Cracklin' Oat Bran is my favorite o:)

    you rebel, you. btw, weetabix are large: about 5 inches long, almost 2 wide and probably 3/4 inch thick. but they're really just made out of flakes compressed together so they're not dense at all. they give up right away when you pour milk on them.

    you should move to a place that has them. they're great.

  • natasha_hal1
    natasha_hal1 Posts: 30 Member
    Sweet potato
    Peanut Butter
    Grilled chicken
  • jamieparadis20
    jamieparadis20 Posts: 131 Member
    Sweet potato, avocado, peanut butter, cashews. Mmmm just got hungry writing this!
  • ashleyhauser8
    ashleyhauser8 Posts: 5 Member
    A couple of my favorites are oatmeal, crunchy peanut butter, and bananas!!
  • Pinkylee77
    Pinkylee77 Posts: 432 Member
  • Leslierussell4134
    Leslierussell4134 Posts: 386 Member
    edited January 2017
    Peanut butter
    Amy's brand bean burritos
    Black olives
    Macadamia nuts
    Persian cucumbers with chili
  • NewBiker1971
    NewBiker1971 Posts: 3 Member
    Bacon...on its own or with anything! Love it x
  • daworley
    daworley Posts: 238 Member
    Fresh pineapple, chocolate candy, Angel Food cake, strawberries, Nacho Cheese Doritos, coffee, cream. Oh my gosh! I love those birthday is in two weeks, hope my mom makes me Angel Food cake and strawberries :)
  • frannieshack
    frannieshack Posts: 329 Member
    Dark chocolate
    white chocolate
    milk chocolate
    chocolate covered almonds, cashews, peanuts
    chocolate covered strawberries, blueberries, cranberries
    chocolate covered pretzels
    chocolate covered chocolate