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  • Breakfast - maple flavored Greek yogurt, coffee. AM Snack - pumpkin bread w/ pecans & chocolate chips, coffee. Lunch - turkey on wheat toast with pickles & mayo, tomato-based veggie soup, cheese wedge. Dinner - chicken fajitas with 3 types of peppers, onions and avocado on homemade flour tortillas. Slice of cold pumpkin…
  • Breakfast - French toast bake made w/ leftover beer bread & raisins, orange slices & coffee. Lunch - pulled pork & collard greens. Dinner - veggie meatball sub, side salad and a small brownie.
  • Breakfast - fridge oats w/ chia, flax, raspberries, Greek yogurt & granola. Coffee. Lunch - black bean burger on deli roll w/ lettuce, pickle, onion & mustard. Carrot slaw w/ raisins. Orange slices. Dinner - leftover veggie chickpea curry.
  • Saturday "Breakfast #1" - toaster waffle with strawberries, coffee. Brunch - huevos con chorizo, beans & rice Snack - kid size mint hot chocolate, creme-filled donut Dinner - 1/2 turkey bacon club sandwich, large salad After dinner - 2 IPAs and 2 burnt marshmallows (this was a long intense hiking day and bonfire with…
  • Awww! I appreciate that. Thanks! Today: Breakfast - oatmeal w/ peanut butter & mixed berry preserves, coffee. Lunch - veggie sausage & mushroom omelet, coffee. Dinner - tamale casserole w/ lots of zucchini & black beans, dollop of sour cream & guacamole on top. Diet cola. Snack - a few raspberries, chocolate chips & mini…
  • Thanks so much! It was very fun!
  • Yesterday Breakfast - steel cut oats w/ cinnamon & raisins, coffee. Lunch - hot dog w/ mustard & sauerkraut. Dinner - miso soup, salad, bento dinner w/ gyoza, sushi, edamame & fruit. Today (45th birthday!) Breakfast - fried egg, toaster waffle, coffee & orange slices. Iced green tea from Starbucks. Lunch - TVP taco salad.…
  • No costume party this year, so I put on an old pirate costume to greet trick or treaters!
  • Breakfast - steel cut oats with cinnamon & raisins, coffee. Lunch - fettucine with ham, peas & a homemade garlic sauce. Bartlett pear. Dinner - ham sandwich w/ lettuce, pickles & onion, spicy baked fries, and several pieces of Halloween candy I'm sure.
  • Friday Breakfast - macchiato overnight chia oats w/ whipped cream, coffee Lunch - salad with grilled chicken, corn, tortilla strips & chipotle ranch. Banana pineapple smoothie made w/ almond milk. Dinner - BBQ tofu, steamed broccoli & slice of cornbread. Saturday Breakfast - toast w/ mayo, mustard & pickles and a fried egg…
  • ooh what a delicious-sounding autumn day! Breakfast - toast, fried egg, coffee & fresh pineapple Lunch - beans with cilantro, jalapenos, onions & sour cream. Cornbread muffin. Snack - green grapes, Earl Grey tea, 2 mini Milky Ways Dinner - salmon casserole w/ green onion & panko breadcrumbs, steamed broccoli/cauliflower…
  • This describes me too. I knew for certain as early as 12-13 that I never wanted to have kids, much in the same way that my girlfriends knew they wanted to become mothers. I understand and respect that it's not so clear cut like this for every person, though. I broke off my first engagement because I knew my fiance…
  • Fault Lines by Emily Itami - excellent Smashed - Junji Ito collection, very good and eerie. Tomie by Junji Ito is next up.
  • Breakfast - maple Greek yogurt w/ granola, coffee Lunch - omelet w/ peppers, onions, mushrooms & chopped veggie sausage. Toast with butter. Raspberries & blackberries. Snack - cherry blossom green tea, grapes, graham crackers Dinner - chicken fajitas (peppers, mushrooms, onions, zucchini) on homemade tortillas w/ sour cream
  • Yesterday Breakfast - fridge oats w/ raspberries, flax, chia, Greek yogurt & lemon juice. Coffee. Lunch - lemon ricotta pancakes, pear tea. Snack - potato chips w/ French onion dip. Dinner - pork, veggie & leek dumplings, stir fry veggies, and a big scoop of homemade blueberry sorbet. Today Breakfast - toaster waffle w/…
  • I think a lot of people really just like the "extreme" of van life or years back, tiny houses. If they like it, great! Much of the time, though...I think they could probably have a minimalist lifestyle that is a lot more user-friendly and within societal "norms" but still benefit financially and ecologically. That's kind…
  • Breakfast - coconut Greek yogurt w/ granola, coffee. Lunch - canadian bacon pizza, diet cola. Dinner (at a bonfire/party) - hot dog w/o bun, chili with crumbled tortilla chips & guacamole, 1 s'more, 1 beer, a few apple slices with maple dipping sauce.
  • Breakfast - fried egg, toast w/ apricot preserves, coffee. Lunch - homemade tomato-based veggie soup, ham panini w/ pickles, string cheese. Dinner - 2 waffles w/ peanut butter & sugar-free syrup, coffee. PM Snack - veggie corn dog, Gala apple.
  • Breakfast - fridge oats with mandarin oranges, chia, flax, shredded unsweetened coconut & Greek yogurt. Coffee. Lunch - veggie burger on bagel thin w/ mustard, pickle, onion & lettuce. Baked sweet potato fries. Dinner - Open-faced toasted deli roll with grilled mushrooms, mozzarella & caramelized onions. Homemade apple…
  • I graduated with 800 students and probably know what 70% of them are doing now due to social media. haha
  • Breakfast - 2 toaster waffles w/ sugar-free syrup, fried egg w/ salsa, coffee. Lunch - 2 chicken chunks w/ BBQ sauce, green beans, pea salad. Snacks - sugar snap peas, pineapple peach kombucha, Earl Grey tea. Dinner - tofu stir fry w/ tons of veggies and brown rice.
  • Breakfast - fridge oats made with strawberries, chia, flax, vanilla Greek yogurt, lemon juice & Lunch - TVP taco salad w/ crumbled corn taco shells & sauteed peppers & onions, salsa ranch. 2 peanut butter bars & coffee. Dinner - chicken plus strips, steamed broccoli & sweet potato (baked). Gala apple.
  • Breakfast - fried egg, 2 small pecan pancakes w/ sugar-free syrup, coffee. Lunch - 2 chicken & spinach sausages, large salad. Snack - 2 peanut butter bars, coffee. Dinner - zucchini & tomatoes over chickpeas & rice. String cheese.
  • I totally agree with this. As someone who has lost over 100 and still wants to lose some that I've gained back, I try to make a point never to talk about those efforts with people who I know have much more weight to lose. I remember all too well the feeling of being a younger woman in plus size clothes whose friends…
  • Breakfast - avocado toast with "everything bagel" seasoning, fried egg, raspberries & coffee. Lunch - leftover meatloaf, green beans, 2 graham crackers & toasted coconut tea. Snack - sugar snap peas & lavender kombucha. Dinner - 2 spinach & mushroom quesadillas w/ pepper jack cheese on corn tortillas, salsa & sour cream.
  • Breakfast - toaster waffle w/ butter & sugar-free syrup, veggie sausage link, fried egg & coffee. Lunch - split peas w/ carrot & onion, string cheese, and homemade peach cobbler, Tulsi tea. Dinner - homemade thin crust pizza with peppers, onions, black olives & mushrooms. Snack - toaster waffle with whipped topping,…
  • Breakfast - coconut Greek yogurt with granola, unsweetened shredded coconut & coffee. Lunch - 2 egg omelet with veggie sausage, peppers, onions & mushrooms. 2 slices toast with butter & apricot jam. More coffee. Dinner - TVP & bean tamale casserole w/ pepper jack cheese & a little sour cream.
  • Breakfast - steel cut oats with cinnamon, raisins, and a drizzle of homemade frosting. Coffee. Lunch - 3 small pork bao buns, jasmine rice, stir fry veggies & a few tofu cubes. Scoop of homemade strawberry sorbet. Dinner - spaghetti w/ marinara, veggie meatballs, peppers, onions & mushrooms. Side salad.
  • Yesterday Breakfast - raspberry Greek yogurt & coffee Lunch - pumpkin pancakes w/ cranberries & vanilla whipped cream, decaf coffee Snack - sugar snap peas DInner - black beans w/ peppers & onions, corn muffin & salad Today Breakfast - toaster waffle w/ sugar-free syrup, fried egg & coffee Lunch - country fried steak & pea…
  • Breakfast - 2 slices French toast with raspberries, coffee. Lunch - sriracha mac w/ green onion & a lemon bar. Dinner - tofu stir fry with jasmine rice and tons of veggies. Post-workout snack - lentil & white bean "penne" chips (weird yet good) and a diet cola.