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  • Oh wow I did know that. That's for the info. And letting. Me know. Ill just stick with my digital scale that just reads my weight. Thanks for taking the time and letting me know !
  • Thanks guys.. My dentist doesn't offer laughing gas or meds to relax. Its run by the state. I just hope. They numb me better and I get more then 4 shots because I don't want to feel any pain what's so ever. I'm having nightmares because of this
  • I wish I can get some but I'm unable to get my hands on them
  • I said the samething. I rather have surgery. Tuesday is my first app. Haven't been to the dentist in over 9 years. Yea my insurance doesnt cover the gas. I hope it goes well.
  • Thanks so much. Will def keep that in mind
  • If you had a sexy guy that may help. Since im female.
  • I did and they said theyll note it. Still scared cause i dont want to fill the drill like last time.. Im on husky wonder if they use cheaper novocain. Sorry to here your claustrophobic.
  • Thank youbso much xox
  • Thank you
  • Thanks everyone. Im on state so its hard. I had a root canal once and tons of fillings but the last one i felt. Saying oh you have deep roots. So im even more scared. Always have been. It would be nice to have a sexy dr. But where i am going are all females.
  • Thank you so much!!! That is true. Thank you so much!!
  • Thank you <3 ❤
  • Hey rhonda. Im about 20 minutes from sandy hook
  • What's a vivo? That sucks that you didn't have a good experience with it. I need to figure out witch one will be good for me
  • Thanks everyone for there input :) !!!! I have the one and its okay for just walking with me and since I need something on my wrist and I love walking and doing my workout DVDS like CIZE ect.. I will go with the HR.. now I know different places sell it like Target and Wal-mart and staples. now the question is where is it…
  • Thanks.. I do a lot of walking and DVD workouts like CIZE and rockin body and I have Jillian Michaels. So maybe the hr will be good. Since I'm danceing around and walking Thanks I think I'll get the hr I need one that counts stairs since i live on the second floor.will it count and be good when working out to my DVDs like…
  • I started today today and had a blast also. I also did rockin body hehe. Will add you
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  • Hello.. Yes that would be awsome!! You can add me. I'm 5'2 and 173 for the third time. My goal is 115\120. I want to try to lose 30 pounds by the end of may. Lol
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  • My CIZE DVD came today!!!! Can't wait to start monday
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  • Yay!!!! I'm getting mine tomorrow according to website
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  • Congrats on the new baby!! Mine should come wed the email said and I'll start it Monday
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  • Okay adding you now
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  • Yes definitely.. Add me
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  • You can do it!!! Im 5”2 so I have to lose a lot.. My big goal is 110..
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  • Oooh yes he is def hot!!! I like dance workouts too. Congrats on your weight loss. Are you doing there meal plan or your own. I can't wait to get mine!!! Sweet!!! I want to lose 65 pounds. I'll support you too
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  • Oh me too. I have them too. I'm going to do rockin body starting Monday until I get cize. Maybe we can do it together for support? I love Shaun T too!! Oh sweet thanks. Congrats on your weight and inches loss! I want to lose 65 pounds by the summer. I hope it works for me
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  • i love your goal!!! I know you can do it!!! I have two goals. To eat more fruit and veggies and drink more water and i also want to lose at least 10 pounds witch I think I can do. Or come pretty close. that would 22 total!! Good luck on your goal!
  • I wouldn't worry hon.. everyone goes over there sugar and its hard when you have fruit. as long as its not candy you'll be okay. no worries =)