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  • Wow! I can't believe that's the same person! You look fantastic, in fact you look leantastic! Well done, keep going!
  • Sounds so easy! And to put them in a muffin tray, brilliant. Do you think this would freeze OK, or is there too much water in the capsicum/pepper? On my to do list.
  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I always thought is was "easier" to loose weight than to maintain, hence why most of us put it all back on. Maybe change your strategy to maintaining for a period of time, (that doesn't mean go off the diet/plan) and then reassess. This maintaining might just be the new push to loose those…
  • Australian born, mum Dutch, dad, third gen Australian, his descendants were originally from Ireland - what's ironic is my names Irish! LOL!
  • I agree with all the above, exercise less, eat more. I do understand about the goal of the Wedding, been there, experienced that. You feel fantastic on the day, but after the wedding you hit rock bottom. So maybe break up your goal into several little goals and a few goals for after the wedding and then reassess. It sounds…
  • When I searched in Google on Aspartame and foot pain, I was surprised there were so many pages relating to it. I too have a foot spur but I have managed to keep it under control by stretching (mostly Yoga moves), I have found wrong size shoes irritate it. Though I can't blame any artificial sweeteners as the cause.…
  • Oops, I didn't introduce myself. I'm 45 OMG - where have the years gone? Only just found this website and finally I feel independently strong, and honestly don't feel alone. There are so many people here when I read their stories/topics etc, I feel. "hey that's me!" Its truly a very uplifting experience. I feel I have my…
  • LOL! Classic! . . . yes mom! LOL~
  • You and your husband might have hit the nail of the head. Fear, anxiety, self doubt are major killers for success. I think the start of conquering a situation is what you have already started to do, acknowledge it, accept that it is OK and then move on.
  • Interesting question! Can't say that I have ever thought about my cycle in regards to weight loss weigh in's. I do the same thing each week when I weigh in. Mostly first thing the same morning, each week, naked and on the same scales each time. I know I put on weight during my period but I tend to ignore that (if possible,…
  • Melbourne, it's real nice when the sun's out!
  • Well done and thanks for sharing.
  • Yay! Welcome! I'm so old too! LOL! I've just started here and I'm loving it. Though I am new here, I not new to dieting and I think that's half my problem, I'd be happy to go on this journey with you too, so if you'd like to add me as a friend I'm from down under.
  • MissyShelle77, would love to join together with a new newby. There was so much on your post that I could relate too! Maybe a down under prospective would be different.
  • I think your new username is now a perfect fit.