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  • No you trap bar deadlift it. The buckets are on either side of your body - not in front of your body. Therefore the trap bar deadlift is a superior training for that activity. In any comparison between the trap bar and conventional, the trap bar is better suited because you literally lift the weight straight up, not…
  • I'm 5'0", 129lbs. I'm looking to lose about 12-15lbs, depending on how my clothes fit. My calorie goal is 1,385. I work from home at a desk but work out 3x a week. You must be very active to have a calorie deficit at 2,000 calories!
  • It is probably as useless to most people as conventional deadlift. You probably can never lift anything other than a pair of matching suitcases on either side of your body. The movement helps you learn but will never be replicated in life. Imagine if you need to lift something heavy - you'd probably straddle it and squat…
  • If you have no clue, I'd suggest an elimination diet. I've recently cut dairy out of my diet, I know that it bothers me. It has greatly reduced my flatulence and gastric distress, and I am more aware when something else has given me flatulence - it's either beef or alcohol gives it to me. Now it actually stands out and is…
  • I got these at one point in my life. They were either cluster headaches or TMJ related headaches. I would wake up around 2:00 with a crippling headache, would wake me up from a dead sleep. I'd take aleve and ice that side if my head (single sided) and it would go away in 30 minutes or so like it never happened. Melatonin…
  • I'm 5' and I'm trying to stick to 1500 calories - I should lose slowly at that level.
  • Baking is science, you usually should not leave stuff out and be careful with substitutions. Cooking is art - you can remove things you find unpleasant and add things you like. My husband is like this with textures. When we made rotel cheesedip we blend the rotel in the blender...only way he will eat it! (I admit, I like…
  • Nuts and nut milks are a good way to eat more fat/less carbs, although they don't have the protein. Eating dairy free recipes has given me a lot of nut/nut butter based things, I have been eating far fewer carbs and more fat.
  • I'm not vegan but I've recently started eating dairy free - so I have tried vegan protein options for that reason. I tried OWYN ready made shakes today, they were good - I got the chocolate pro version (more protein). I would bet the regular version tastes even better. It tastes better than many milk-based protein shakes.…
  • I'm going to cancel after the free trial. The recipies are more complicated than I'd like, and the kids don't appreciate the change. I do - and I'll carry that into my eating in the future. If it were just me and my husband I'd probably keep using it, but with the kids - not worth it.
  • I like the Fage 5% it's always been in the 5.3oz though. Sometimes they sell different sizes at different stores. Are you still buying at the same place? I could get 32oz Greek Gods yogurt for my kids at Walmart but only 24oz or something like that at Kroger.
  • So second day - the breakfast wasn't as big of a hit. My kids love apples but somehow dislike pears. they were delicious! Lunch was another chicken salad - the kids did not like as good, neither did I. Dinner was steak with roasted potatos and broccoli. I was supposed to eat half the steak today and half another day... I…
  • We've now done our first full day of meals! A few things bugged me - 3 english muffins "make 4 servings". 3 rice cakes "makes 4 servings". THAT SAID - the food was good. The recipes were not complicated. I've already tried things I've never tried before - like sauteing green beans. That was certainly different.
  • I am eliminating dairy to see if it helps with my skin and digestion. Dairy is so pervasive in my diet, I had to completely change things. I am trying platejoy - definitely some pros and cons. But I'm able to tell it "no dairy" and it makes me a whole menu without dairy, then gives me a shopping list. I hear emeals is…
  • My in-laws ordered their tests then tested positive locally for covid. Two days left in my MIL's quarantine their tests came in....a little late to be of use! I don't know when she ordered them, but it was before FIL was positive.
  • I use the "my soundtrack" channel on Amazon Music. It's hit or miss. Sometimes I like country, sometimes hip hop, etc.
  • Lunges, any type. Oh wait, this was supposed to be about the gym? Gyms that aren't 24 hours (I workout after the kids go to bed), gyms that don't have adequate heat (I have raynauds), gyms that UPCHARGE to use the literal free weights (looking at you 10 fitness).
  • My choices were apparently most middle class, and almost as much lower middle class. Fits. But I don't eat fish or any kind of seafood, so...how much that skews the results. Or is it that fish foods (except the fish sticks) are considered higher class?
  • I'm lactose intolerant, but I can handle small amounts of dairy. Maybe I'm not really lactose intolerant, maybe I'm sensitive to something else. Ice cream kills me. I can have half and half in my coffee, a single serving of milk, whey protein powder (usually lactose free), yogurt, cheese in moderation (like I can eat…
  • My pinkie toe fingernails. My toes are curved downward (only way to describe it) and the nail like goes down into my toe, I can't see the bottom of it... Unfortunately no exercising or stretching or anything I can do can change that.
  • "You have not proof! this can't be real, people aren't dying from this so you can't know people who are dying" "Okay, here is some quick to find proof" "This is confirmation bias!" You can't actually get proof because they aren't looking for it, so they won't find it. Read in this very thread posted this very day, people…
  • No good if it's on a covid blog - k, found news articles - no good for you either. Got it. Of course it says allegedly, it isn't proven yet. Because, 3rd - regular people don't routinely get autopsies. As stated further up in this thread, doctor's won't even put recent vaccination on a possible cause of ER admission, it…
  • Blood clots are one of the known and recognized side effects of these vaccines, some manufacturers more than others. Don't act like it's so far outside the realm of possibility.
  • Giulia - https://www.italy24news.com/covid-19/182545.html Rosettte - https://campusbee.ug/news/final-year-medical-student-dies-from-allegedly-covid-19-jab-related-side-effects/ (August 31st, 2021 date of death) Mahima - https://www.ibtimes.com/hospital-links-pregnant-womans-death-covid-19-vaccine-3279476 (August 20th, 2021…
  • That's true, in the same vein just because somebody dies "with" covid doesn't mean they died "from" covid, but we still count them as covid deaths. You can't count one way when it suits your fancy and refuse to use the same methodology for other things.
  • Giulia Lucenti - 16 yr - Pfizer Rosette Kyarikunda - med student - AZ James Cooper - 77 yrs - death from 3rd shot (booster) Mahima Mathew - 31 - AZ Kim Jarvis - 57 yrs - death in sleep within 24 hours These are just from September, just found with a quick search.
  • These were aquaintances, not close friends. The first was very concerned about covid, he stayed home all year. Went out as soon as he was able to get vaccinated. He had a heart attack within 24 hours. I don't know his family history, but these vaccines do cause increased risk for heart attack. The second, I don't know her…
  • I must be watching older seasons. They are almost always in minivans in the seasons I've seen, they aren't nice cars. I do think the show provides a rental to use in Houston though, they have to be able to fit the camera in there and stuff, there are other reasons for them to provide a generously sized car.
  • My dishes are the original set we got when we got married, and there were two of us...we fed the kids on high chair trays and toddler plates for a long time, but they are now bigger and eat more! DH doesn't eat vegetables, so I get the dinner plates to load up with veggies for dinner and he gets the small ones for protein…