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GreatDepression Member


  • How do you know it's not because of your diet and exercise activities? Were you at a plateau until you started taking CLA?
  • I feel your pain and frustration. Binge eating is so highly addictive and can be extremely hard to break free from.
  • Damn. Seems like they don't do much behind all the fake reviews online.
  • How did you make a case to get your insurance to partially cover your adominoplasty?
  • Dannon is by a French company. I would be highly surprised if they didn't distribute to Canada under another name. It's a huge yogurt company. As for freezing yogurt at home, this is something I've been testing a lot since I got my ice cream maker. The problem is getting something scoopable if you want to make a large…
  • Well, the crust is thin as a chip so ya it's much lower cal... and not very filling either.
  • They still taste like how you'd expect a protein bar would. People like them because they are moderate cal for being high protein and (maybe) low net carbs. The majority of better priced protein bars have a lot of calories, sugar and fat due to them being used for bulking lifters.
  • If you think chicken is high in calories, wait until you weigh lean beef and pork. I was shocked at how cal that was even with the leanest cuts of meat.
  • I love Quest bars but they are too expensive. Even on "sale" the boxes (of only 12 bars) run from at $25-$30 USD. That's really expensive for a mass produced whey protein bar. I ran out about two weeks ago and it sucks to not have them handy when I'm hungry but it's helped me save some money.
  • If you restrict yourself, you'll most likely give in to out-of-control binges at some point (and/or be miserable because you're thinking about that stuff you can't eat all the time). Many here advocate abstaining from all that trigger food but some like myself recommend working into your diet food you truly enjoy…
  • I generally try to be selective and to allow "junk" food in my diet that I enjoy. I find that the low quality junk food I used to eat all the time doesn't really taste good now. I prefer the higher quality and more expensive versions i.e. local bakery of treats compared to packaged cookies, local in-house made ice cream vs…
  • I find that 100g carb a day is a very good goal. It's much lower than the average diet today but still allows you to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. It's higher than what is generally seen as "low-carb" but I think it's more easily sustained long term or even a life time. I generally didn't feel deprived when I had…
  • LOTS of fat shamers here but what do you expect from a forum where its members often recommend weight loss over sustained mental happiness.
  • Welkommen in MFP. Ich mag Nederland sehr. Kennst du Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Sie ist meine Heldin.
  • Wow, that looks really good. It's very expensive though (as expected). I'd imagine they would taste pretty good.
  • Thank you to all of you for responding. I've been on a binge roller coaster since making this thread. I think I reached the "climax" this past day when I binged on several tubs of ice cream. In the recent past, I would binge on "low cal" things like fruit. The calories added up to a lot but it's nothing compared to ice…
  • Wow, what a judgmental thing to say. As if someone's weight takes away from the value of what he/she has to say.
  • I know that fat is very important in the freezing process so I'm wondering if I can still get an edible product by using non-fat ingredients. What would happen if I put the finished product in the freezer? Would it just freeze into a solid ice block?
  • I've only seen it at some grocery stores. I'll try to buy it today because I'm really craving something "creamy." I stopped drinking/using dairy milk a while ago in favour of the low-cal unsweetened almond milk. The latter doesn't taste very good and is only marginally better than using water in shakes and smoothies. The…
  • Ya, fruit has a lot of carbs due to the fructose. It's unfortunate that if you are trying to eat low-carb, you really have to limit your fruit intake.
  • Hmm. Very nihilistic view of life. I've struggled with that way of looking at life in the past. I find that in my dark moments, that approach to life made me devalue the significance of the individual.
  • I was trying to adopt the "nutritionism" approach to eating in which I only eat food that has a lot of nutritional value. Of course this meant that all junk and processed foods had to be cut out. I did well for a while and I felt like I was moving closer to my weight goal but I was in a lot of emotional turmoil. Junk food…
  • Why is this addressed to only men? Does a gay man's opinion matter or were you looking for only heterosexual male responses?
  • Many body builders do it when they are prepping for competition if that says anything. I tried to eat low-carb but it's too hard to cut out fruit and many vegetables for me. Maybe I don't have the discipline to eat a low-carb diet but I feel more at peace with myself when I can enjoy a larger variety of foods. I do admire…
  • Really? This is something I'd expect to hear from a child. You know nothing about me or my worth.
  • I thought it was a fit male opening up about binging issues. Binging is usually stereotyped as an overweight female thing so I was wanting to have a discussion with someone who broke that mold.
  • Yeah, meal timing does matter for optimal results in getting lean (body builders do this). It also requires a lot of extra diligence and dedication too which may not be worth it for people just wanting to moves towards general better health. Most people here aren't training for body competition so that's why the community…
  • I thought this was a post of a fit and toned guy admitting he had overeating and binge issues with ice cream. I was disappointed that it was merely a joke topic.
  • Yesterday, I didn't binge which ended a 6 day streak. It was so hard and drained nearly all my willpower. I had to take so many mental breaks during the day at work in order to just breathe and get by. It's a bit discouraging that it can be this difficult just to deal with one day.