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  • Santa brought me an early Christmas present, an Instant Pot and I already love it lol
  • Bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, spinach dip, guacamole,
  • It's amazing side effect of LCHF but it doesn't last lol. You will feel hungry again but never HANGRY, this WOE helps our bodies adapt to going longer times without meals (because it's utilizing our stored fat). I think the hardest part of this WOE is the mental aspect of it, at least for me. But it's a 100% sustainable…
  • I agree with you both. I think the OP is coming from a good place, wanting to get information out there but yes YMMV all the way with this WOE (and any woe really)
  • BEST hot dogs I get are from Costco Super delicious and all beef.I won't eat any other kind cuz I dont like the mushy texture of other hot dogs
  • Funny thing I had the symptoms worse when I was PCOS, probably because I wasn't on any meds
  • A year but I noticed them disappearing around the six month mark
  • My skin tags literally disappeared this last year and the dark patches are also gone hallelujah! Lol
  • Jumping for Joy June? Lol Seriously, I watched a 600lb Life episode and one of the ladies was saying that although she was losing the weight, she constantly felt like a "failure". She called these negative thoughts "the fat girl" in her that she was constantly battling. The counselor pointed out to her that SHE needed to…
  • @baconslave Can I just say you're my hero! Sorry you had such a craptastic day but honestly i wouldve been locked up in the looney bin or in jail after all that! You are one tough lady (along with funny, helpful, and down to earth). Thanks for sharing! Next time i feel like complaining about my "bad" day , Ill remember…
  • Lol believe me her posts saved me a lot of confusion especially navigating FB groups <headaches> im just hoping this will help somebody avoid confusion :)
  • Please read the links on the sticky pads called "Fat Adapted vs Ketosis". I stumbled across this information very early on in my journey and it really helped me understand how this all works. Here is a link to part 1 **Warning although I find the author pretty…
  • Ditto!! This is the only group I belong to on MFP and all of mfp pals are patrons of this group too lol. I love to pop in here and just lurk, like auntstephie321 I've learned a lot and don't need to really be convinced this WOE works anymore after a year of success for me.
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  • I say "different strokes, for different folks" lol. I think first and foremost people will need to have some self-awareness and honesty in regards to their eating patterns. I totally went off the rails this month but I learned that having 1. too much time on my hands, 2. Junk food in my house, and 3. the mentality of "just…
  • I've tried Januvia helped a little with BG numbers but made me hungry all the time. Actos made me gain weight. Invokana have me the most horrendous yeast infections. Byetta helped all my aunts and my mom when they took it and they all lost weight but it loses it effectiveness to control BG rather quickly and them they had…
  • I definitely feel less hot with this WOE when I first started last May, i would alwayssss be complaining about the heat, now if the Ac is at 74 I'm freezing
  • I miss your old name though I always thought it was pretty cool :)
  • Thanks for sharing! Newbies really need to hear this, so easy to get discouraged when it seems to not work quickly enough
  • Congrats!! I remember we began our journeys at the same time! Amazing progress!
  • @jennjensp25 No need to be sorry! You are not alone in your food struggles here, there are many wonderful and supportive people in this community who are on the same journey..i think you're incredibly brave for sharing your struggle and we are here to help you :) you can do this!
  • Thanks! And YAS, i agree, we need a @Sunny_Bunny_ advice thread! She's the best! :)
  • I've only had a an ultrasound of my liver not MRI but my Alt/Ast levels have always been very elevated due to fatty liver. My Levels normalized at 25 lb loss and 9 mos of LCHF
  • @AlexandraCarlyle Yes this how I found out I had diabetes too since I never had a yeast infection before. My A1C was close to 10 and the endo put me on a like a million rx's. Main reason I hate meds is due to her overreaction. I almost fell into a diabetic coma taking the meds she prescribed me! It was crazy!
  • hi and welcome! I always remember this when it comes to eating macros, CARBS are HARD LIMIT, Always aim to MEET PROTEIN and fat to SATIETY. In other words, it's not the HF in LCHF that makes you lose weight but rather the LC (low carb). The fat keeps you feeling constantly hungry or deprived. If you have some stored fat on…
  • Your boobs look great! lol I guess that wieght training is helping with that :) Wish it had an opposite effect on me lol
  • Genetics do play a big role! I've tested with hyperlipedemia since I was 20 years old. All of my family, even the ones without diabetes, struggle with high cholesterol and triglycerides. Since starting LCHF, my tris are still high but not as high. i think in part because my body is better metabolizing food. I never added…
  • Its all part of our "microwave" thinking, everything needs to come quickly or ELSE! lol Or else what? Are we giving up on this woe which (has for me at least) practically cured my Type 2 Diabetes? I settled in my heart and mind that LCHF is the best way for me to eat since its reversing all bad effects of diabetes. At…
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  • Hello Ebony! I eat about 60 net carbs a day and am very close to being med free (im T2D). If avoiding diabetes is your main concern, its important to monitor your blood sugars. That way you can see if you are spiking after eating certain foods. Each person reacts differently to certain high starch foods. As healthy as…
  • Yes but very little lol I think only to hold it together crust is cream cheese, mozzarella, egg and a bit of almond flour. The cream cheese/mozz is melted together then egg and flour added. You bake it first for a bit then add toppings to melt only it's so yum!
  • @johnnylew Have you tried Fathead pizza? OMG its too die for and lchf/keto friendly if you are ever jonesing for a good slice :)