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swheart4981 Member


  • I have tried to quit, and failed MANY TIMES until I got a vape! I personally DO NOT like E-cigs (the kind you buy at gas stations. with cartomizers) I have tried to weening myself off smoking with it, and that is not as easy as spending the money for a vape and not giving yourself any other options. If you crave a cig,…
  • Thank you all! This helps me have hope. I am still dubious because of how long I have been over weight, and stretch marks I already have etc. But if it's minimal I'm sure it will be better than being FAT! I don't really KNOW! I've never been thin, but I am totally looking forward to it!!!
  • We can't all be perfect RIGHT! We try our best, and do what we can! You have lost an INSANE amount of weight (to me) GO SUPER GIRL!!! You ROCK!! So smoke away. I bet that would be a big deal for the people who graze like that. 50 trips to the fridge for ONE BITE, SIP, NIBBLE! Kinda like dollar tree, it adds up QUICK?? LMAO
  • I have heard that! Do you think that 1 pound a week is to much for my skin to bounce back! Don't get me wrong, I am not totally shallow. (obviously! Because I AM overweight!) But I want to look GOOD TOO! Can it even be done now without surgery?
  • WOW!! REALLY??? I think I would rather be FAT! If I Lick, Bite or taste is going to be throwing a wrench in everything! I will NEVER keep that strict of a hold on my diet! If I am cooking dinner for my family, I will still be tasting that it is prepared well. *Sniff, sniff* I'm going to be fat forever!!! LMAO EDIT** Not…
  • I am FAR from knowing what I am talking about, so I could totally be full o crap, but I would say increase your workout!
  • Those are some good idea's! Thanks! I will try that :)
  • I live around Gastonia! :) I have already gotten a TON of friends, so I should have lotsa people cheering me on! It's AWESOME!!! THANKS!
  • But isn't the sodium a big deal in weight loss, causing your body to retain water thus not loosing? And Carbs turn into sugar and is stored faster? I could be totally off base, But how I am understanding it is more protein, meats eggs, cheese?? (is cheese protein?) And bean, but beans have a lot of carbs too? Yeah totally…
  • Before we ate a lot of Hamburger Helpers with ground turkey. We haven't used ground beef in year, but we would fix two boxes for 4 people. One box has 5 servings. Lunches are difficult for me right now. I thought I had done good because fat free smoked turkey only has 50 calories, but I didn't pay attention to the sodium…
  • Yeah That would be AWFUL! Your super woman if you can sit there and not eat the ice cream also! Feel free to add me if you'd like! I would be happy to be your friend even though I will totally have to google your weight system, as I am clueless LOL
  • I weigh 50lbs more than you, and am considered morbidly obese! I don't FEEL morbidly obese! Do doubt I am overweight, by a lot! but just the WORD MORBID makes me depressed!!!