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  • I'm still kicking, guys. Just been laying low a bit. I hit a plateau the last 5-6 weeks, bouncing between 327-340. This past weekend I've finally broken through. Here's my current graph.
  • The Big Guy continues his journey into becoming the Smaller Guy. Almost 40 lbs gone forever since the January 4th. This lifestyle is doing more for me than just weight loss. I'm truly changing as a person in so many ways.
  • Thank you, @KetoKaHee! Doing work, getting results, and enjoying life!
  • My wife's delicious scratch thin crust pizza with a pound of steamed cauliflower and spicy seasoning. A delicious way to end a long work week and to kick off my weekly, "TV and Vodka," night. Yeah! If my trends stay the way they are, I may be close to 40 lbs lost tomorrow morning since January 4th. Every Fri-Sat morning I…
  • 320 Club, baby! Doing work and getting results!
  • It seems that any time I try something that has, "Natural," or, "Artificial," flavors outside of my window, I become ravenous. They definitely make my insulin go crazy. Lots of water and maybe even some sparkling water for me. :)
  • What kind or type of gum can one chew without spiking insulin?
  • I work in IT for a school system and had to drive a total of five hours today to work off site. My eating window usually opens at 430p and I got home at 800p. I had planned on doing an extended fast, around 48 hours, starting from this Thursday until Saturday. It's looking like I'll bump that up and see if I can make it…
  • I started weighing daily because I've finally broken that mental wall of letting the numbers define my progress. I've always been a numbers guy and like to be able to notice trends.
  • After nine weeks, I've lost the equivalent of a cinder block. Almost 33 lbs gone! I'd never be able to do this without perseverance and my caring wife. I've never felt so at peace, have as much confidence, and a positive outlook on life than I have right now. ONWARD!!
  • If trends are to be believed, I'll ascend back into the 340 club, only to drop down again. Even if I make it back into the 340's, I'm still holding true to the 330 Club. :)
  • @leveejohn, my chart is friggin' weird. I always seem to have a large drop in weight between Thu-Sat, and it's been this way the last three weeks. Wed 2/15 - 353.2 Fri 2/17 - 348.8 Sat 2/18 - 344.4 Thu 2/23 - 349.6 Sat 2/25 - 342.8 Wed 3/1 - 346.6 Fri 3/3 - 346 Sat 3/4 - 339.2
  • Someone just joined the 330 Club. Down 25.8 lbs since 1/4! Onward!
  • @brendagaudette It was good! I'm quite the foodie, but as basic as this meal is, I love it. This guy isn't picky at all.
  • OMAD Friday! Two 4 oz. 90/10 burgers with a touch of light thousand island, two spicy pickles, and 12 oz. of steamed vegetables. Clocking in at around 600 calories, this nearly pound and a half of food is going to fill up my gut and allow me to have a few beverages this evening to end out a long, hard week.
  • @brendagaudette PIZZA. <3 <3
  • Today's OMAD consists of Big Mac Salad and french fries cooked in the air fryer. The salad consists of 8 oz. 90/10 lean beef, onion, lettuce, shredded cheese, zesty pickles and 4 tbsp's of light thousand island dressing. At around 1000 calories, this meal rules.
  • HORSE is the game, and I'm currently ahead 7-2. If I were asked to play 2-2, 3-3, 5-5, etc.. I'd have to bow out. Basketball was the only sport I was decent at growing up. Getting onto the court more often when I get this weight off would be good for me. Maybe I'll make that one of my goals?
  • Hahaha, thank you. At 6'5", I'll always be a tower of a man. "Little Ed," sounds nice. I work in IT for a school district. My co-worker is 23 and we will play basketball during lunch if it's not disruptive while at a school. At 37, and in my 340's, I'm whooping him. :)
  • My weekly weight loss chart to keep myself accountable. I'm down 14.4 lbs the last month, and around 23 total. I wish that I'd weighed on 1/4 when I started instead of 1/14, but I'm certain I was every bit of 365 when I started this lifestyle. 330 Club, I'm comin' for you! Onward!
  • Back up to 351 and some change after dropping nearly 9 lbs in three days last week. Water weight and retention is a real drag, but I'm not feeling anymore bloated or clothes feeling tighter. I'm going to do another 600 calorie day today as well.
  • Today will be mine and my wife's every two week splurge day. Headed up to my Mom's, who I haven't seen since Christmas to go to our favorite Chinese buffet in Washington, PA. I eat a lot of meat and vegetables when we go, but I also can't stay away from the sushi bar. Sushi is my favorite food! In the past, I'd eat so much…
  • I decided against a 48 hour water fast as I don't feel my body is ready for it yet. Instead, I incorporated my second 5:2 day yesterday and had some steamed veggies with some chicken tenders. I also had a few mixed beverages while in my window. Again, weight loss is so weird. I'm down 8.8 lbs since my Wednesday weigh in…
  • Is it OK to have coffee or tea during a long fast? I'm going to attempt a 48 hour run that will end tomorrow afternoon.
  • Weight loss is weird. Down 4.4 lbs in two days after having a big jump the last week and a half.
  • @brendagaudette I'd appreciate any tips you would be willing to share. Thank you.
  • I plan on weighing again on Saturday and have high hopes. Regardless of what the scale says, I know that I'm doing the right things with what I know. My journey will only get better, even though complications will come up. @brendagaudette, I'm considering doing a second day of 5:2 tomorrow or possibly doing a 48 hour fast.…
  • Thanks again for the encouragement, everyone. One of the reasons why people fail when it comes to weight loss is a lack of patience and overthinking things. In the past, I've been able to lose considerable amounts of weight early on and to see a jump like this is startling. I'm also very hard on myself and will try to find…
  • Decided to weigh in this morning and am up again, over six pounds since a week and a half ago. I've been on plan, eating at 1500 calories or less per day and drinking lots of water. No calories during my fasted state as well. I'm very discouraged right now.
  • Trying to incorporate one or two 600 calorie days each week. Here's a pound of steamed veggies and 7oz of Tyson chicken tenders with a little bit of wasabi and light soy sauce. A little over 1.5lbs of food plus lots of water should keep me satiated until tomorrow. I used to do this once or twice I week and it really helped…