• I love this idea, I am gonna use it. something I have on my bathroom mirror is a fat pic of me with my heaviest weight and underneath I wrote never again!!! The other day I was telling my hubby I am gonna post a new pic every month to keep me on track!
  • Sending u a friend request.
  • Feel free to add me. I am a mother of 3, 1 grown and a 5 and 6 year old. I also have 2 grand babies.
  • Thank you for asking this!!!! I had hit a plateau when I started here at MFP. I was surprised that i needed to consume nearly 300 less calories but I was determined to lose the weight so I never ate my exercise calories. For the last 6 months I have struggled and actually gain back 10 lbs. I am frustrated but now after…
  • Why should we eat our exercise calories? So if I burn 600 calories I should eat an extra 600 for the day? I am really confused about this. I even asked my MFP friends what they thought about that earlier today.
  • Add me. I am a big Zumba fan!
  • Feel free to friend me. We can win the battle together
  • Feel free to friend me too :happy:
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  • Hahaha.... I know the feeling :laugh:
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  • Awe, thanks ladies for the ideas and suggestions. You all have definitly pointed me in the right direction. I will keep you all posted .
  • Zumba is a great way to burn calories. There are many modifications and u should ask ur instructor about them. ( I know, I am an instructor and I always give low impact versions of high impact steps) but either way just go in and have fun! Start off easy as u adjust to the moves ur body will too and u will be able to add…
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  • You know that diet coke is REALLY bad for you. Other than that good luck! Friend me if u like I love having friends on MFP
  • So loving this. A definite bump. BTW do u have the calories for these too?
  • I am proud to say that this past November I turned 40 and ran a 5k 2days after. Now am training for a half marathon on April. My running partner is in his mid 20's. Hahaha....I love that I can keep up with people that are nearly half my age.
  • Well I never waited to be skinny to do what I wanted. I have already done rock climbing indoor and outdoor ( just outside the grand canyon), became a certified Zumba and RIPPED instructor and currently teach, and now I am planning to run a 5k in the next few months. See someone once told me if I could lose 15 lbs I had the…
  • As everyone said it shouldnt but you can also look into lean protein shakes, which is what I take several times a day.
  • I have never heard of this either. I have seen a nutritionist and based on my body weight, age,height, workout schedule and my job: I consume 126g of protein. That is it about 21 grams per meal. I have never had a problem with digesting and I have lost over 25 lbs since January.
  • My type: someone that steals my heart, Someone who makes me laugh no matter how silly he looks One who writes a simply "I love You" note and slides it in your purse. Who is good with his hands ( to fix things around the house and change a tire) Yes these men exist...
  • My hubby just recently starting training me (sandbag training). he knows how far to push me but it is so hard sometimes because he wants to treat me like his student ( he is an MMA coach) and it is hard for me to listen. Hahaha! I cant wait for the day that he comes to my classes so I can teach him.
  • Friday thru sunday are my worst days!!!!! Especially since I am the only female in the house my men go crazy for food. recently I found that if my hubby can cook for us on wednesdays and thrusdays I agree to cook on Fridays. For example, this past friday I made tacos. there was enough extra for meat omletes, tacos for…
  • I am iin MoVal and I teach at an MMA facility 2 days a weeks @ 5:30 doing zumba. But we can stay later and do RIPPED if you want. Let me know.
  • Quick find something high in protein, like chicken and drink lots of water. Then do anything u can to keep busy. Hope that helps u!
  • I too was so guilty of the midnight snack....oreos!!! But one thing I learned from my first 30 day fitness challenge was protein. My instructor taught me that if you have enough protein those cravings will go away. She was right!!! The only reason I might get up now is for my 4 yr old. So r u consuming enough protein?
  • I feel you too. There r so many factors that can make u feel more tired and to add the lack of cash flow for the things u truly need makes it even harder. So this is what I did.... Rather than buying lunch I packed lunch and logged how much money I saved and at the end of the month I would use that money I saved to buy…
  • Let me put it this way at the time I got it my waist was about about 45 inches or so and it fit me . As for being repetitive, each level has a couple of different workouts. And when you get to the intermediate and score high enough new levels open up. I am so addicted to keeping the dancer green I totally forget that I did…
  • I have the Zumba on my wii. I LOVE IT!!!! Even though I am Zumba instructor that game it still makes me sweat!!! You wear the mote on a belt and it scores u on movement and shaking. Your goal is to keep the dancer green. There are 20 and 45 minute workouts with beginner and intermediate workouts. I love it! Just try it,…
  • First,you need more protein in your food consumption.next, you need to find out your BMI and body fat %. You should be able to get from a local nutrition place for free. With that they can tell you how much protein you should have per meal. They should also recommend a lean protein shake for in between meals. It takes a…
  • That's easy pav74el. When your keg starts to look like a 6 pk then you know ur on track!
  • I am nearly 40 and I have seen guys come and go. The best advice to find out who you are, develop a love for yourself and your life. Become independent, you'll walk taller and carry yourself better. That way the cute guys see you and you don't see them. Love yourself and enjoy life. That is what my husband said caught his…