• My sister is the same way. She responds more to running than anything else. OHHH that second bum....gotta love that nonsense!! I did the 30 day squat challenge a while back and it seemed to help that area. I have a problem with sadlebags. They aren't terrible and my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I can definitely see them…
  • LyndsayYYC, I wonder, do you have a normally "athletic" body? I have a friend, who, no matter what she does, she always gains inches in her thighs and hips first. They get rock solid, but she gets upset because she can' fit into her jeans anymore. I think if you are gaining inches in your hips and thighs, it might be…
  • Did you not try just using the bands? I am no bueno at pull ups, but the bands help and I definitely feel it.
  • I joined one yesterday. Anything to keep me motivated!
  • I'm only in day two...well day three today. I hope to have results like everyone else! I am just so tired of 'losing weight' but not changing anything about my body. I want to tone and tighten as well as lose the weight. If anyone wants some accountability, let me know...lord knows I need it too.
  • ok besides stating the obvious of how great you look, i just wanted to say i LOVE your tatoo!!!! i want one that wraps around too...maybe when im more comfortable with myself :)
  • I don't know if someone has said this already or not but muscle weighs more than fat. You will gain weight before you lose it because your body is toning up. Once your body gets used to the amount of exercise you are doing, the weight will start coming off. You will also plateau after losing a bunch of water weight a few…
  • I did the P90X for a few weeks and lost a few pounds, then fell out of my routine. I really need to get back into it. Let me know what you guys want to do and I'm all for it.
  • drink water....its not only good for you, but it helps on those days that you can't seem to get full. don't stress. its hard to get started, but at least you ARE getting started!
  • OMGoodness thats a lot of calories! thanks :)
  • ok soooo this morning i burned 919 cals doing P90X...does this mean that I need to eat those calories in addition to my 1200????
  • The system will "lecture" you when you are under your calorie intake for the day only if you are under because you didnt eat as much. You want to eat as many calories as you are allowed (mine is 1200 a day). If you exercise and add calories to your allowed calories, but still eat what you are allowed, it will not lecture…
  • Ive had to block out what other people say. Their comments, whether good or bad, are all I will focus on when I hear them, so its best not to even pay attention. If you are working hard and seeing progress in yourself, thats all that you should focus on. I think that once u start back counting calories, you will see weight…
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  • I'm 5'4" and have about 20 (realistically) to lose although 25 would be amazing!!! What are we going to do????
  • geez thats a huge difference! i wish my results were that dramatic!
  • That is amazing!. I am on about day 30 but am getting a little discouraged. I don't seem to be getting much results. Maybe I still need to wait a little longer. I can see muscle in my arms and legs, but haven't lost any weight. How were your day 30 results?
  • You dont NEED one, but it is really helpful when trying to determine what you burned during your exercise. I have a New Balance ProFit watch that I got from Target. It was like $59 I think. It tells your heart rate, calories, has an alarm and a bunch of other functions on it. Today I did the Core Synergystics on the P90X…
  • I'm eating the calories the site tells me too, but its offset by my exercise. When I log my exercise in for the day it tells me that I'm eating too little???? The P90X burns a lot of calories...does that mean that I have to eat MORE to make up for it?