Not sure where to post this but had to get it out! Saw my grandmother today & she asked me how much weight I had gained. I am wearing a dress that recently someone asked if I was preggo in. I prob shouldn't wear it but it is cotton & cool in this ga heat! Then we stopped by someone else's house & an older man asked me if I was "blooming or blossoming ska preggo.....geez do older ppl just say what they are thinking!
I've been working my tail off since march & only maintained my wt but I've started back counting calories & trying to do more hitt training but my stomach seems like it's the last thing to "firm" up


  • statia152
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    Is your glass half full or half empty? I think it is great that you've maintained your weight, better than gaining! Maybe you had a "healthy glow" that sometimes goes with preg women? Could it be an omen? LOL
  • Ive had to block out what other people say. Their comments, whether good or bad, are all I will focus on when I hear them, so its best not to even pay attention. If you are working hard and seeing progress in yourself, thats all that you should focus on. I think that once u start back counting calories, you will see weight loss.
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    Yep! Old people tell it like it is...and they don't realize what may or may not be appropriate. Kinda like kids! I have an abnormally large stomach for my body size...and I have had an old grocery clerk ask me if i was pregnant (when i was looking at wine to buy!), a drunk woman (at the bar I was working at) and MANY old people when I worked at an old folks home. Can't wait for that to be gone so there is no question.