Calorie and Heart Rate monitor

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Hello Everyone. I just got Power90 and still looking over the paper work and what I need. One of them is a Calorie and Heart Rate monitor that is accurate. Suggestions please?


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    bump and which one is a good one i would also like to know
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    I think most people will recommend the Polar brand HRMs. I personally have a Sportsline Duo which is about the same as the Polar FT7. Mine was about $120 and included a 2 year warrenty. It is super easy to work and you can make it do ALOT of crazy things, or just keep it simple like I do, counting cals, measuring distance and heart rate. Hope this helps!
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    I love my Timex Zone Trainer - I paid around $60 for it on Amazon. It has good reviews there too!
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    I have a Polar FT7, and I highly recommend! You can get one on (, and if you don't mind waiting a little longer, you can get free super saver shipping on it.

    It's been such a great asset to me! My trainer at the gym recommended it to me. She said the FT4 while cheaper isn't any good, but that the FT7 is good.

    I hope this helps :)
  • You dont NEED one, but it is really helpful when trying to determine what you burned during your exercise. I have a New Balance ProFit watch that I got from Target. It was like $59 I think. It tells your heart rate, calories, has an alarm and a bunch of other functions on it. Today I did the Core Synergystics on the P90X and burned 851 calories...something I wouldn't have known how to log if I did't have a counter. Good Luck!!
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    I have a Polar HRM, you can spend anywhere from $50 for a FT2 to several hundred for ones like RS800CX SD. Mine doesn't calculate calories, I plug in my exercise time and average HR into a web based calculator like:
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    There are so many, it's hard to recommend just one.... Best thing to do is to get one you can afford. Make sure you get one with a chest strap... they are more accurate. I have had a Bowflex and a Polar F11, I like my Bowflex, I love my Polar.
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    I have a polar FT7 that I bought for $120. I think a HRM is something you should invest in. It makes logging workouts more convenient.
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    Some good stuff !! I will be doing some research tonight. Thank you all for your input and great information.
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    Polar FT4!