One Month Progress Pictures



  • sarahsunshine1217
    sarahsunshine1217 Posts: 85 Member
    Thanks everyone,
    My typical meals are
    Breakfast- greek yogurt, hardboiled egg and a banana
    lunch- tuna or sliced turkey breast with cucumbers and a cheddar cheese stick
    snack-apple with string cheese
    dinner- chicken, fish or flank steak with a TON of veggies. I eat all the veggies first.
    snack-sugar free pudding cup or 6 triscuits or lowfat cottage cheese.
    I try to eat everything no later than 6 pm.
    I put a tea bag in my water and drink about 7 liters a day lol.
    I do adjust serving sizes daily to make sure I consume what I need to reach my goal
    Hope this helps
  • ok besides stating the obvious of how great you look, i just wanted to say i LOVE your tatoo!!!! i want one that wraps around too...maybe when im more comfortable with myself :)
  • Ashwee87
    Ashwee87 Posts: 695 Member
    Awesome results!! Keep up the good work!! :)
  • laurelderry
    laurelderry Posts: 384 Member
    Awesome progress!!!!
  • soccermom1013
    soccermom1013 Posts: 31 Member
    Absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work!!
  • Fit_French
    Fit_French Posts: 134 Member
    nice job! great success so far! just keep at it and stay with it for the long haul and you'll get where you want to be!
  • lizlkbg
    lizlkbg Posts: 566
    Oh my gosh, that is a SIGNIFICANT difference!! You should feel so proud!!
  • fitmelinda7
    fitmelinda7 Posts: 42 Member
    You've done an amazing job...keep it are definitely on the right track! :)
  • crksmith1976
    crksmith1976 Posts: 3 Member
    wow!:bigsmile: Good job! keep up the positive attitude and the good work.
  • amayitux
    amayitux Posts: 68 Member
    Hi there! Your befor pic could be my (body) twin! Your progress is very encouraging! Mind telling me how tall are you? I am just 5'3", maybe you are taller than me?
  • sherisse69
    sherisse69 Posts: 795 Member
    Wow! Amazing job!!! Keep at it! You are looking Awesome! :)
  • LuvMyBoys2
    LuvMyBoys2 Posts: 69 Member
    I loved your post and the pics. You look terrific!
  • coleybug73
    coleybug73 Posts: 23 Member
    Nice work! Congrats!
  • Alta2000
    Alta2000 Posts: 655 Member
    Amazing progress. Do you do any exercise? Tips?
  • prettymorbidity
    prettymorbidity Posts: 138 Member
    dayum girl! way to go that is awesome! i had the same problem (overeating and night eating) and its really hard addiction to overcome. great job - simple amazing
  • jtslim42
    jtslim42 Posts: 240
    Wow! You look great! And after only one month! CONGRATS!
  • Nmorfitt
    Nmorfitt Posts: 26 Member
    Way to bust your *kitten*!!! Only one month! I can only imagine what you will accomplish in the next month!!!!! Keep rockin!:heart:
  • SarahBeth0625
    SarahBeth0625 Posts: 685 Member
    Great progress! Keep up the good work!
  • Kurrsteee
    Kurrsteee Posts: 72 Member
    Holy crap; that's a big difference! Well done!
  • Bbuser51
    Bbuser51 Posts: 17 Member
    Congratulations! You are off to an excellent start!
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