Day 1 = Epic Failure

UGH. Day 1 and I'm 400 calories over. I find my target caloric intake of less than 2000 calories to be too restrictive! I'm starting out with 3 exercise days a week + frequent walks (which is about all I can manage with a busy toddler), I don't know how I'll make it on 1900 calories/day to be honest. It's now 8pm and I'm over my intake and I'm freaking starving.


  • tracikearns
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    Dont be too hard on yourself! You logged everything, that is positive right there! I will add you as a friend, I think that makes a huge difference when you can see what others are eating to make the most of their calories :)
  • Don't worry, I had the exact same failure yesterday!! All the more reason to try harder on Day 2 right? :)
    I found it difficult to keep full in between meals so I snacked quite a bit... and i had some takeout too.
    I'm sure it'll get easier as the days go by... fingers crossed!
  • My motto is, you have to figure out what works for you. What kind of foods are you eating? If it's leaving you feeling hungry, switch it up! Oatmeal fills me up, but leaves my boyfriend starving.

    Also, try eating smaller meals. I LOVE to eat. If I feel like I'm eating all of the time, I feel fuller. It tricks my brain. Also, water is key. It'll fill you up as well.
  • drink water....its not only good for you, but it helps on those days that you can't seem to get full. don't stress. its hard to get started, but at least you ARE getting started!
  • russeljames
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    Just chill and stick with it.....
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    Thanks. Will try to drink more water!
  • Don't beat yourself up. If you are starving, you are on the right track. Distract yourself. Put it off. Tell yourself you feel too ill to eat. You are strong enough.
  • minimommy1
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    Eat lots of veggies they are low in calories and filling - I love them grilled.