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  • 3/7 3 segments of the firm and 2 miles with leslie plus a few hindu squats and push ups. When I say few I mean few. LOL! Debra bad tennents are horrible. It's sad it had to come to name calling especially when you gave them ample time. Hope you find a better renter next time
  • 1/7 1 mile with leslie and weights 2/7 2 miles with leslie so far I took out some personal trash this weekend. Trying to get the junk out of my food life so I can get back where I was weight wise. Debra glad you got your power back. We are feeling the heat in SC too. Heather glad to see you are able to get work family and…
  • I ended up 4/7 last week with walking and taebo the last two days. Actually it was a stroll but mileage is mileage. 1/7 so far this week. with taebo and leslie Have there been an increase in trolls lately? I don't spend much time on the boards just here and browse occasionally.
  • 2/7 42 min of the Firm and treadmill combined Happy Tuesday!
  • 1/7 35 min of the Firm
  • 2/7 yesterday with the Firm yesterday 3/7 with Taebo basic today. I did 1 segment of 6 pack abs thurs but not counting it since is was only like 10-15 min. Verda, you are a trooper. :drinker: :drinker: Glad you were able to get a towing service and get home. I hope it is a simple repair. Breaking down is a pain. Thinktank…
  • Hey guys. I'm back. Had a triple header in the life sucks department but I'm bouncing back slowly. 1/7 today walking on treadmill and 2 miles with leslie so far. Thinktank congrats on the nuptials. You looked fantastic in your dress!! Debra- Volunteering can be a pain sometimes but your boy is worth the effort Verda-…
  • 1/7 20 min of the firm and 3 on treadmill that was making a horrible noise. My uncle passed away today. I didn't get to know him well. Way to go ladies.
  • 1/7 today with 2.5 miles getting back at it. Happy Belated Birthday Debra. I am glad you treated yourself. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
  • 2/7 this week walking
  • Thank you all for the condolences. She is no longer suffering in her body. Ended 4/7 last week with a meager 1 mile with leslie on friday. 1/7 this week with 2 miles with leslie. Hope to do more later to get up those endorphins. Debra, so sorry about the headaches I understand. Hope you will be able to get to the root…
  • 3/7 2 miles with leslie
  • 1/7 walking 2/7 2 miles with leslie This has been a tough week. My grandmother passes away on friday. She was 87 and her time with us was filled with laughter and joy. I will miss my laughing buddy and confidant. Happy Belelated Birthday. Jl20 debra i have been eating things I should not too but we will have a better week…
  • At work or doctor's office or hospital waiting room.
  • 4/7 for today. Went for a walk.
  • 3/7 25 min on treadmill
  • 1/7 20 min of walking 2/7 with 2 miles walk jog This has a been a slow 2 weeks for me. My grams has been in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure, pneumonia and now kidney failure. But I remember exercise cures the blues. Welcome Jl20.
  • 5/7 2.5 miles before 10 am Woohoo. I am not a morning girl... Hope everyone has a happy friday!
  • 4/7 4 miles with leslie 11 min on treadmill only 4 jogging.
  • 2/7Tues walking outside and 15 min of the firm. 3/7Wed 2 miles with leslie and walking on break 4/7 working on it 6 min so far 2 of jogging. They say if you jog an hour a week it is good for heart health. I figure that is 12 min per day five days a week. LOL!
  • 1/7 2.4 miles so far.
  • 3/7 Thurs with 25 min outside and 15 of the firm 4/7 Fri with 5.1 miles walking outside. These walks are hard on my pelvis for some reason. I was playing with my niece the other day doing squats. The next day I found out you can out squat a 2 year old but you'll pay for it the next day!! Thinktank - a ten. You are a…
  • I would tend to agree with the negative cycle comment. It could lead to what they call this exercise purging and it is just as addictive and destructive. I have read several articles on the phenomena which prompted me to stop that particular behavior myself.
  • 2/7 20 min walking outside and 1 mile with leslie
  • 1/7 4 miles with Leslie You ladies rock!
  • 4/7 2 miles with leslie
  • Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! 3/7 today with 1 mile with leslie and 1 mile outside.
  • 2/7 with 3.4 mile walk. Yesterday was my birthday. I'm getting older but healthier.
  • Trust you instincts. RUN!! FAST!
  • 1/7 with 4. 25 mile walk Debra great job getting in the fitness. It was cold and windy here too! Thinktank you are beautiful and will be extraordinarily so on your big day!!! Heather, you rock!! Running after having a baby is just amazing to me. You'll be at your desired marathon speed in no time. Verda, Hope you had…