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  • I’m in love. Much disgust 😅💔 Peeps had such a good thing going with me before this...
  • *cue the dancing* I’m a big fan of gingerbread houses and a big fan of Peeps, so while some will be horrified I’ll be glorifying these bad boys
  • Wait I thought it was just pink Mac & cheese, is it actually candy flavored??? I’d be down with pink Mac & cheese (let’s be honest they probably color it to look like cheese to start with), but if they mess with the flavor that’s where I draw the line 😅😅
  • 1 cup of sugar dissolved in 2 cans of condensed milk, 1 cup heavy whipping cream, and 1/2 gallon of milk, 1 package of crumbled Oreos, then thrown into an ice cream maker for 40 minutes, add another package of crumbled Oreos, freeze, bam, all your calories for the entire week sacrificed for a moment’s pleasure 😂
  • Gluten free Oreo ice cream 10/10, I will definitely be buying these again and I don’t even have issues with gluten 🤷‍♀️
  • Low key I was really hoping these would have been coffee inspired flavors, why couldn’t they have done double chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato 😅💔
  • You would NEVER be able to tell these Oreos were gluten free. The cookie is a little harder, but other than that the taste is phenomenal, like a regular Oreo. Note: I swear I’m not just hoarding three packages of these bad boys to myself. I have a friend coming over tomorrow who has Celiac so I’m doing gluten free ice…
  • Personally, I HATE black licorice and find it absolutely abhorrent. People like my mom for whatever reason love it, so maybe I’ll get it for her and report back if I find it xD I can’t remember if I shared these or not, but apparently Icelanders love licorice and seeing this was a MASSIVE culture shock to me...
  • I’ve also noticed a formula change with Smart Sweets Sweet Fish, so disappointing. I used to LOVE them but now they’re more calories and not even as good. Such a weird aftertaste now imo
  • Yes! Berger cookies though, they’re so unique and different from every cookie out there, definitely a must try at some point in your life! It hardened up the next day and was to die for haha tempts me to give up everything I own and start an ice cream business, I’d make all the underrepresented flavors like berger cookie,…
  • Making ice cream... anyone from Maryland will know what’s up ;) anyone not in Maryland... if you ever pass through make sure you pick up Berger Cookies! 👏
  • It’s about time!!!! My family has been making homemade ice cream for generations, and our favorite has been Oreo so far, normally we do a plain Oreo double stuf, but this right here looks like next level stuff we need!!!! I will be looking for these immediately :o shame they aren’t double stuf, what’s with them releasing…
  • I agree, it definitely had died down a BUNCH. I had no clue they got bought out, that’s such a shame I loved their history. :/
  • Starbucks’ pistachio latte honestly reminds me of a bottled vanilla protein shake blended with espresso, maybe like the vanilla premier protein shakes if you use them heavily as a coffee creamer 😅 I do taste the nut, but it reminds me of an almond milk in a protein shake more than anything. All around, I feel like I’m…
  • Honestly since I stopped counting calories and found out my weight hasnt changed on me after doing so I haven’t really had any pints o: I normally love their gingerbread house so I’m kicking myself now for not getting at least one but I’ve been making so much of my own homemade ice cream my freezer space has become limited…
  • I’ve been last on finding new things and after my long hiatus I can’t keep track of what’s been posted already, so I apologize if this is a repost but has anyone seen or tried these two new Halo Top pints!?! I just so happened to see it on their website :open_mouth: chocolate caramel brownie and vanilla caramel…
  • With some of the things y’all post (wild blueberry smash muffins I’m looking at you) myfitnesspal seriously needs to add a “drool” reaction 😅🤤❤️
  • Ok, I’m actually very surprised my father (who does not normally like Starbucks at all) tried the pistachio latte! Him of all people, go figure 😂 he said it was very subtle, almost like vanilla. I like pistachios and I like vanilla so I guess either way I don’t lose 🤷‍♀️ But that stinks it’s not more upfront pistachio :/
  • Let me know how it is if you beat me to it! I was going to go this morning, but for T Mobile Tuesday I got $2 off at Dunkin and then all my family (who are weird and don’t drink coffee) sent me all their $2 off coupons so now this entire week I’m going to Dunkin’ for coffee 😂 they have a new toasted coconut swirl that’s…
  • @Noreenmarie1234 You’ve asked for it, they delivered 👏 it took a couple years, but 2021 might be the pistachio-craze year we’ve been waiting for 🎉
  • Good memory!!!! I’m in Harford County, so all those locations are still pretty far but no further than Delaware, so thank you!!! I will definitely keep that in mind and use them excuses to go visit those places haha :) you’re the best!!!!
  • LOL! That’s so sad they got rid of a lot of it though! Did you have any favorites and/or least favorites??? They’re deceiving though, they go so much faster than regular syrups, I guess because the bottles are more narrow o.o
  • Oomph I feel like I’m posting too much, but I just discovered Williams Sonoma, I’m pretty sure there aren’t even any in my state but I went to Christiana Mall in Delaware and found a store, of course the only thing I bought was coffee syrup :’) has anyone here tried their other flavors???! I got their vanilla syrup because…
  • You’ve brought me out from hiding again. I’m very intrigued o: must find it ASAP! <3
  • It’s a share pack! Some for me now, and some to share with my future self in about five minutes from now! :)
  • I’ve lost track of how much I’ve ate, my throat burns and half the bag is gone, but my goodness this is the best bagged popcorn I’ve ever had. DANGEROUS.
  • An entire plate of crab dip with homemade pita
  • Definitely cheesecake, alcohol, fried french fries (I think they’re just as good baked, no need for all that oil), most chips, mayonnaise, white bread, most brownies (especially those packaged mini brownies that are usually dry), cupcakes, butter as a condiment (such as putting butter on rolls), salad dressing, granola,…
  • I don’t know if anyone has tried The Cheesecake Factory’s ice cream but I needed to come out of the woods to report how massively impressed I am with it! At first I thought “oh it’s just regular ice cream with The Cheesecake Factory’s logo slapped on it,” but no, no it is not. Scooping it, you can tell it’s very dense and…
  • Chick-fil-A’s mocha cream cold brew was so overwhelmingly sweet, thick, and overall heavy. I thought it would be like a chocolate version of the regular cold brew, but it felt like I was drinking a thick ice cream base. Perhaps as a frosted cold brew with more ice blended into it I would have liked it more, but on its own…