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  • I would love it so very much if a group of autistic kids kicked your *kitten*. :smile:
  • Exactly :laugh:
  • Isn't that already in place for most people, though? I only say that because for some boyfriend has only had to wait to receive a weapon 1 time, and that was from a pawn shop. Otherwise, he gets it within a short amount of time it takes them to pull up his record and do the check, which costs $5.
  • Agreed. I was thinking like you...the social factor must be what draws people, the "group mentality." I personally don't have that, and I prefer to exercise alone, because I can force myself to work harder and at my pace--I can't force someone else to do that, nor can I keep up with everyone, depending on the person. The…
  • Why does everyone say "nothing compares to an actual class?" It's not just you...a lot of people say this. I'm curious.
  • I agree! It's ridiculous that a man can get his tubes tied on his 18th birthday basically if he wants to...but when I was 18, I was told absolutely not, no one would tie my tubes for me (and believe me, I Every few years I go on the hunt looking for a doctor who will do it for me, but I've had no such luck.…
  • Everyone is different, and every type of birth control pill affects everyone different. I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for about 3 years, and gained a very significant amount of weight. Once I got off of the pill, I lost it all and then some with absolutely NO change in my diet or lifestyle. Was still working the same job,…
  • ^This! :happy: Just got Zumba Core for the Wii and I love it so much more than the original! Better cues to the dance moves, and I'm a sucker for Bollywood music, haha.
  • I am in complete shock! I'm biased, though--I love Dallas Green's voice. I can't stand Kesha. I also am not a fan of Jack Johnson...mostly because he is very much overplayed at my work...hate hearing him constantly! :grumble:
  • I really don't think it's for that reason. Most of my friends do it/have done it, and yet none of them have rings. And if I did it? It wouldn't be to draw attention to my ring. I think someone just correlated that incorrectly, or perhaps someone they know personally did it for that reason. I think it's a cute…
  • I work with food and drinks all day, so I'm not allowed to have long nails or paint them. When I get lucky enough to get a weekend or 3 days in a row off, I paint them. I have a nice collection of colors I've built up over the years. I always do my toenails, too, since there's no work restriction on that, haha. The only…
  • As with all of the others listed, I really like Rue 21...I wish I had one closer!
  • Tarte is one of my favorites. :smile: I use their tinted moisturizer/BBcream/whatever-they're-calling-it-now every day. It's the only one I've found that matches my skin EXACTLY. I also use their cheek stain almost every day, as well. I've used their cream eyeliner in the past, but I found it irritated my eyes a bit and…
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  • YAY! Finally some fellow Zhills/Pasco County peeps! :happy: I live in Zephyrhills, work in Wesley Chapel/New Tampa/whatever you wanna call it....and will be going back to PHCC Dade City campus very soon. :smile:
  • So I should just sell them all, and quietly lay down and die in the event a dictatorship is initiated? I think I'll keep my stuff, thanks.
  • Making this tonight--can't wait to see how it turns out! :D
  • I think you have an anti-gun fetish.
  • That's a given. I hope to never, ever have to fire a shot at someone. Do I practice? Yes. Do I like to shoot? Nope.
  • Yep. I'm trying my best not to generalize, but I have to wonder if people who are so very anti-gun have never been in a situation before where a gun would have been really handy. I've been in several where I wish I did have a gun (thankfully I had other options, but what if those options weren't readily available?), and in…
  • I hear ya! Mascara is so hard for me...I really like Rimmel's "Scandal Eyes" (the one in the bright orange tube)...used it before, then took a break from it for a couple of months to try a different one...and now it doesn't seem as good! :( As for eyeliner...I have yet to find anything as good as Urban Decay's "Ink for…
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  • I miss everything! However, I'm stocked on eyeliner for a while, so I admittedly haven't looked at anything eyeliner-related in a while.
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  • Three sides to every story. One of those sides said that the dog was all up on the cages and such. And like rtalencar85 said, if a warning shot doesn't scare it away....well, sorry dog lovers, but **** that. I'd shoot it, too. Just like I'd shoot any animal coming at me/my pets like that.
  • OH wow! How did I not know these existed?! Thank you!:happy:
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  • Which Tarte kit did you get? I looove certain products by Tarte--namely their tinted moisturizer/BBcream/whatever they're calling it now, and their cheek stains.
  • Harry is definitely one of my "book crushes" as well, haha!
  • I hear you! The only thing I actually "bought" was the lip gloss, because it was on sale + I had a coupon, and I needed cash back anyway. Plus I got 2 free nail polishes with it. :laugh:
  • They had some killer sales! But the ones I went to were so crowded, couldn't even get in. I love their stuff, though. :smile:
  • I'm not a fan of lip products. At all. Never have been. I've since changed my tune with Ulta's line of nourishing lip gloss. The color was perfect--nothing too dramatic, and I wasn't constantly aware that I was wearing it. That's the big reason I hate lip products, is because I can't stand to feel something on my lips, but…
  • WOW. So....the guy at Gamestop told my boyfriend it comes out December 31st................................he didn't tell him it was December 31st of NEXT year. Ugh. >.<
  • I got my boyfriend a video game he wanted-- Dragon's Dogma, for the XBOX 360. He pre-ordered Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for me...I can't WAIT to pick it up on Sunday. :happy: