Disgusts me!!!!!



  • daybehavior
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    Rihanna. She has a new single and/or album every other week. WTF???
    And she got back with Chris Brown. R.I.P 10 years from now.
  • babylemonade
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    Taylor Swift. Can't stand her. She breaks up with someone then writes a song about it.

    I agree. Her latest song I had the misfortune of hearing goes "We are never ever ever getting back together." I mean come on, how blatant is that? If you're any kind of decent songwriter then you can sing about your pain without making it so obvious that it was a lame breakup with some celeb you dated for a month.

    Also, Nicki Minaj. She's not a real singer. Remember when people used to get pissed because rappers would write demeaning songs about women? Now some women are doing it for them. She's totally not helping the situation.
  • Eddie Vedder

    The way he elongates every damned vowel makes me cringe. Almost sounds like he is doing that neck chopping thing every time he sings a vowel...
  • heykaraoke
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    That chick singer from Sugarland just grates on my nerves. Your nose is for breathing through, sweetie, not singing through! Ugh.
  • crazytreelady
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    alexis on fire and city in colour
  • Elleinnz
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  • Zomoniac
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    Any musician from about 1994 onward. Unless they were making music pre-1994 and haven't sold out their style.

    Otherwise, pretty much all of them lack the artistic style and eloquence of the older musicians who actually put the time, effort, heart and soul into their music before they marketed it.

    And the award for most pretentious, ignorant statement of the day goes to...
  • Someone I can't stand listening to? Frederika Stahl....she of the twinkle twinkle little star car advert..... Her other stuff is truely hideous.

    To be fair she still sings better than I do!
  • Irish_Eyes81
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    Madonna, really dont like her at all
  • darisey
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    Bruce Springsteen
  • Sugarland.. They make me want to punch my ears until they bleed..
  • patentguru
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    Any song, movie, TV show that promotes an agenda instead of entertaining. After working, working out, etc., I want to just relax and enjoy the show or music,not have more aggravation.
  • Natashaa1991
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    daddy yankee
  • jennsea
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    eddie vedder for me as well, dont know why I was into the whole grunge thang, but his voice gives me the heebee geebies lol
  • Michael Bolton, sounds like he's dragging it up from his toes!!!!
  • xLexa
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    Charles and Eddie.... everytime I hear that song would I lie to you I literally want to vomit. Just cannot stand it nor them.

    *edit* and now that stupid song is running through my head.... thank you OP LOL ! hey I have to blame someone!
  • 50sBeachWalking
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    Aging myself.....Bob Dylan
  • TheBeerRunner
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    Nicki Minaj

    That douche from Nickelback... Chad Kroger?

    Taylor Swift

    The Biebs.
  • KimmyEB
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    alexis on fire and city in colour

    I am in complete shock! I'm biased, though--I love Dallas Green's voice.

    I can't stand Kesha. I also am not a fan of Jack Johnson...mostly because he is very much overplayed at my work...hate hearing him constantly! :grumble:
  • CurveAppeal86
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    Rhianna and Nicki Minaj.

    I'd much prefer being shot in the foot than to be forced to listen to these two.